Client Billing

Client Billing

Capture all billable time and accelerate billing while managing your resources more efficiently to boost utilization.

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Project Costing

Project Costing

Easily track time and costs spent on projects for better insights and improve forecasting and capacity planning.

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Time & Attendance

Time & Attendance

Make time and attendance tracking a breeze and maintain compliance with labor regulations.

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Replicon Mobile

Our mobile platform provides access to Replicon's cloud-based time tracking application anytime, anywhere, using your mobile phones or tablets.

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Replicon Mobile

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"An Audit would probably take place on a federally funded contract and with Replicon we will be in a position to pass with flying colors."

Lolalisa KingPresident, Architect for Life

"Replicon was able to accommodate a lot of the customization we needed in order for us to go electronic and get us out of the paper environment."

Ashley ClearyDirector of Admin Services, IABA

"On a day when I would have spent the entire time doing billing, it now takes me an hour to two hours to get all of our invoicing done."

Nancy ConneryFounder, Connery Consulting

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Cloud Based Timesheet


Replicon's cloud-based employee timesheet software helps you improve efficiencies, profitability margins, and achieve wage and hour compliance.

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Hassle Free Timesheet


Get high adoption rates with a clean and intuitive user experience that makes it fast and easy for users to start using Replicon with little to no training.

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Enterprise Timesheet

Enterprise Ready

Replicon’s front end simplicity hides a powerful and flexible set of capabilities that can scale and be tailored to address the needs of organizations of any size or complexity.

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  • Replicon web timesheet software tracks time and expenses for attendance, payroll, project costing and client billing.
  • Replicon integrates seamlessly into a single solution for comprehensive tracking.
  • Replicon's software as a service (SaaS) is securely hosted on our servers.
  • Intuitive and configurable web-based timesheets are easily adopted by all employees.
  • Offline timesheets track time and expense when no internet connection is available.
  • Real-time graphical reports provide immediate insight into productivity.
  • E-mail notifications encourage prompt online timesheet submission.
  • Multiple timesheet approval paths are easily configured to follow your business processes.
  • Track expenses in multiple currencies with automatic tax calculations and upload scanned expense receipts.
  • Flexible invoicing options streamline client billing.
  • Timesheets handle simple and complex overtime and business rules. (e.g., "California")
  • DCAA compliant timesheets follow Government Defense Contractor guidelines.
  • Replicon web timesheet software is SSAE 16.
  • Seamless Project Management, Accounting, ERP and Payroll system Integrations.


  • Replicon, the leader in employee timesheet software helps organizations in every industry streamline employee time tracking and payroll, as well as project time tracking and billing.

  • Replicon offers a flexible and scalable solution, maximizing user adoption for companies of all sizes. Clients such as World Vision, Deloitte & Touche, Barnes and Noble, Ernst & Young, and Ferrari use Replicon web timesheet software for their employee time tracking and project billing needs.
  • By providing an intuitive interface, Replicon has maximized user adoption and earned a satisfaction rating of over 97%. Executives, CFOs, Project Managers and Managers alike love Replicon web timesheet for its ease-of-use, which means they adopt it and use it on a daily basis.
  • Replicon provides FREE upgrades of all releases of its hassle-free software through its maintenance program.
  • Replicon provides unparalleled customer support, 24/7/365.
Business Case for Cloud-based (SaaS) Web Timesheet Software

There are many benefits to adopting cloud-based (SaaS) web timesheet software instead of on-premise online timesheet software. Cloud-based web timesheet software enables users to seamlessly submit their daily timesheets from any location and over any device. Timesheet submissions are done in the cloud instantly online and timesheet managers are able to quickly calculate daily web timesheet submissions in real-time, and act on any delinquent work resources that have failed to do so. On-premise timesheet software is limiting, and difficult to update when away from the computer with the software. Many consultants also work on client assigned computers without the online timesheet software. Due to its limited reach, on-premise timesheet software increases the occurrence of reporting and billing errors.


  • Whether you are frustrated with Excel spreadsheets because of inconsistent data or you simply want to lower payroll processing costs, Replicon has a solution for you.
  • Replicon offers web-based timesheet and time tracking software for every line of business, whether you're a small business, non-profit, or a large enterprise. Explore our Replicon web timesheet solutions.
  • Replicon software allows the convenience of accessing your online timesheet application anytime, anywhere through hosting on its secure servers.
True Cloud (SaaS) Web Timesheet Software
While there are many timesheet software providers, the true cloud (SaaS) web timesheet providers are few and far between. Some cloud-based web timesheet providers run their operations off a few servers out of their offices or a local data center; others claim to be cloud-enabled (SaaS) when, in fact, they deploy a web timesheet solution on a dedicated server per customer. A true cloud (SaaS) web timesheet software provider enables customers to have 99.99% uptime even as the software upgrades or updates itself without any downtime. This leads to a great deal of control over timesheet software uptime redundancy and the customer never has to worry about any issues due to scaling the use of the application as an organization’s timesheet software needs increase.


Business Case for Choosing Replicon Web Timesheet Software Instead of On-premise Timesheet Software

The rule of business is to focus on bringing in revenue; everything else is secondary. Cloud-based web timesheet software enforces this rule by enabling companies not to worry about IT support and uptime of their cloud-based software. The improved adoption and usage of the easy-to-use online timesheet software helps prevent unreported employee hours and ensures higher ROI.