Time tracking solution for QuickBooks

Enterprise applications cannot function in isolation. They need to be able to exchange data with the other applications in the operational environment to be of real value to the organization. Being able to exchange data seamlessly in a bi-directional manner helps organizations streamline the overall process and do away with double entry, which can be fraught with errors. The ability to seamlessly integrate with other systems is one of the most important criteria that drives Cloud (SaaS) adoption. It helps organizations work with the most qualified partner for a particular requirement they have, instead of going with a very expensive full suite implementation of a traditional enterprise ERP solution.

Let’s look at the corporate time tracking application for project accounting or billing. A solution that helps you with project costing would need to integrate with an HRMS system, for example, to get employee data and then be able to track time, expense and project status information—and then feed this data back into an ERP such as SAP, or an accounting system like QuickBooks.

Replicon Quickbooks time tracking

Replicon is a world leader in cloud-based time and expense tracking solutions, and we believe in making the whole experience for our customers hassle-free. We have solutions for every time tracking need, including solutions that help organizations with project tracking for either internal costing or client billing. Our time tracking products integrate easily with any project management or financial/ accounting solution, using our RepliConnect web services API. This, allows you to keep your project plans up to date and bill your clients accurately and on time.

Running on our open cloud platform, RepliConnect web services enable our products to work as stand-alone or integrated solutions. RepliConnect also gives you the ability to share data with any other third party or proprietary software. Our integration solutions have enabled customers worldwide in sharing their project and billing data with leading accounting software like QuickBooks.

Time and expense data can be easily transferred to QuickBooks for the creation of invoices and cost statements, as well as for accounting purposes. Integration is flexible and easy: simply select the data you want to update, begin the transfer, and see instant results. With bi-directional data transfer, there's no need to enter project or billing data in multiple systems. The entire process is quick and hassle-free.


Advantages of using the Replicon Integration platform for QuickBooks:

Services Oriented Architecture (SOA)

Built from the ground up for both cloud-based integration and Web Services to integrate business logic and data.

Replicon Quickbooks time tracking integration

Scalable Architecture

Customizable and configurable to accommodate unique business requirements and scale with organizational needs


Ability to seamlessly connect and integrate multiple data streams from the customer’s back-office ecosystem

Easy to Deploy

Work efficiently while minimizing training and deployment overhead for IT staff

Highly Secure

Governed and supported by industry-leading, ultra-secure systems, just like every Replicon product.