Replicon - The Ultimate Online Time Recording Software

Since the dawn of the Industrial Revolution, employers have used various methods to keep track of the hours worked by their employees. Manual logbooks and timesheets were replaced over time with mechanical timeclocks and Excel spreadsheets. Even though the technologies used in employee time recording progressed, the systems still involved manual entry and transcription of time data, which often introduced errors in computing hours worked and salaries paid.


Compliance matters

Today, employees can—and often do—file lawsuits, either individually or in a group, when they feel that they have not been paid accurately for hours worked. Added to this is the fact that the Department of Labor (DoL) has significantly stepped up enforcement of wage and hour regulations under the Fair Labor Standards Act ( FLSA), and violators have been hit with multimillion dollar penalties and adverse press coverage. Companies need to stay profitable and grow, and avoiding litigation by putting in place accurate and easy to use employee time recording software is imperative.

The Cloud advantage

Payroll and finance managers at many companies are increasingly adopting online time recording software at their organizations. Online or cloud-based software eliminates the need for companies to buy, maintain, and upgrade expensive hardware and software in-house. Time recording software, such as TimeAttend from Replicon, allows employees and managers to report and approve timesheets right through any web browser, or even the Replicon Mobile application for iOS and Android smartphones.

Effective integration

It’s not enough to have accurate payroll data. With the RepliConnect API, timesheet data can be effortlessly exported to leading payroll and HRM systems, vastly streamlining the entire payroll process.

Data security

Replicon solutions comply with the demanding SSAE16 data security standards, providing far greater data security, with multiple redundant backup centers around the world to provide 99.9% uptime and data availability.


Simplify Time Recording

Time Capture & Approvals

Track time for any employee type with our highly configurable and intuitive timesheets. Leverage flexible approval workflows that adapt to your business processes to ensure accuracy and compliance.

Overtime Management

Keep overtime costs in check with configurable calculation rules that increase accuracy and improve compliance with overtime laws.

Absence Management

Automate your time off management with self-service time off request capabilities and advanced accrual rules and calculations.

Real-time Reporting

Enjoy real-time insights with pre-delivered reports that can be customized with filters and groupings to get the exact data you need.