Employee Hours Tracking Software from Replicon – The best means to track the hours worked on projects

How an employee hours tracking software helps your business succeed

Businesses today use technology in almost every aspect of their operations, from communications to marketing to sales, payroll and accounts. Wherever modern technology is used and applied, we have seen time and again that efficiency and productivity go up, along with corresponding decreases in the time taken to get work done. In addition, there is usually a reduction in errors made as manual entry methods are done away with.

Drawbacks of manual hours tracking

With all the advanced business hardware and software that's deployed in businesses of every kind and size today, isn't it surprising that many of them still use outdated and cumbersome Excel spreadsheets to track work hours? While employee working hours tracking isn't rocket science, the amount of work needed to maintain such timesheets starts getting out of hand once a company has more than a dozen employees, or probably even fewer than that.

Studies have shown that payroll and HR managers have to spend considerable amounts of time every pay period to manually collate, transcribe and calculate time worked. They certainly have their work cut out for them when using older systems such as manual punch cards and time clocks, instead of modern, cloud-based employee hours tracking software. Such difficulties can be done away with by management choosing to adopt automated hours tracking software. While older systems are installed on-premise-running on a company's IT systems and maintained by in-house personnel—the tide is turning towards cloud-based systems that do away with the need to install purchased software on company-owned hardware.

Cloud-based automation to the fore

Modern time tracking systems are accessible through any web browser or even through a dedicated application that can run on a smartphone. When it comes to project hours tracking or volunteer hours tracking, online time tracking is an absolute boon to business owners and finance and HR managers, saving them time, money, effort and many hassles involved in the time tracking process.

One of the biggest advantages of cloud-based time tracking is that it provides managers with current data that is accessible from anywhere at anytime. Employees can report time worked from their mobile browser or smartphone app, while managers can easily view reports and get up to the minute data while on the road or away from their offices.

The best-of-breed time tracking solutions boast of advanced encryption to secure confidential business data, and their data centers are usually geographically distributed around the world. This ensures excellent uptime and seamless access to users around the world.

At the very top of the pyramid are 'true cloud' hours tracking software solution providers that operate on the principle of multi-tenancy, which efficiently allows for many clients to securely run on the very latest version of the software, while being extremely secure in terms of data integrity. Look out for solutions providers who run multi-tenant system architecture, because they are the ones who will provide the most secure and seamless service and functionality that your organization needs.