Automated Time Tracking in the Cloud-Replicon Electronic Timesheet Software

An employment contract between an organization and an employee requires that certain wages are paid for a certain number of work hours. This makes tracking of an employee’s working hours a crucial activity that requires high accuracy at all times. If there is a dispute in wages paid, an employees may complain to management and seek redressal. In case the dispute is not settled, an employee can even resort to litigation against their employer, which can result in fines and back wages being levied under the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA). Such litigation harms a company’s reputation and can negatively affect morale at the workplace.


Client Billing

Capture all billable time and accelerate billing while managing your resources more efficiently to boost utilization.

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Project Costing

Easily track time and costs spent on projects for better insights and improved forecasting and capacity planning.

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Time attendance

Make time and attendance tracking a breeze and maintain compliance with labor regulations.

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Inaccurate employee time tracking is a common problem among organizations that do not use automated electronic timesheet software. When the process of tracking time becomes too cumbersome, timesheet accuracy goes down. Conventional time tracking methods involving paper timesheets or Excel spreadsheets take more time to process, are less accurate, and can affect profitability.

Replicon’s electronic timesheet software streamlines the entire employee time tracking process, and can be accessed from any browser or even Replicon Mobile app for iOS and Android. Payroll and HR managers save save and effort, while employees benefit by having instant access to their own timesheets, reducing confusion and enhancing compliance.

With Replicon electronic timesheets, multiple benefits come standard:

  • Time tracking, time and expense entry, approvals and reporting become easy with intuitive web access and mobile application.
  • Proven ROI—more savings in time, money, and effort with our reliable cloud-based electronic timesheet software.
  • Automatic email notifications when timesheets are due, and flexible approval workflows.
  • Quick, hassle-free set up, with built-in labor rules options to suit virtually every country’s labor regulations.
  • Export time reports to virtually any project management, accounting, ERP or payroll system.