Time IntelligenceTMPlatform

A Single Platform To Harness Time Data Across The Enterprise

Time data is a strategic business asset. However, today time data is spread across multiple systems – ERP, HCM, CRM, Payroll etc. A single data platform to collect, cleanse, transform and drive business transformation across the enterprise is a critical need. Replicon’s Time Intelligence Platform leverages Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning technologies to process large volumes of time data signals from both traditional and non-traditional sources. A single unified data model serves as the foundation for all time data signals, their context, data lineage and derived intelligence. By enabling contextual analysis and establishing data lineage, Replicon’s Time Intelligence platform delivers a holistic view of time data and its relationship with metadata throughout the organization and provides an authoritative system of record for time data across the enterprise.

Single Unified Data Model

A single unified data model is necessary to eliminate data silos. It’s not just a repository for time data. It provides an accurate and complete time data repository by storing relationships to associated metadata, necessary contextual information and enriched information generated by AI/ML methods. All of this information is used to understand the relationships/correlations between data sets and continuously train and refine AI/ML models.

Single Unified Data Model

Intelligent Automation

Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

Replicon’s Time Intelligence Platform provides intelligent automation built using AI & ML to address data quality issues. It also drives business decisions via rule based, predictive and prescriptive models. Contextual analysis via machine learning and deep learning algorithms ensure that data quality and accuracy are never an ongoing concern for enterprises. The platform is boot strapped with several models and may be customized to suit specific business needs.

Rule Based, Predictive & Prescriptive Models

Replicon’s Time Intelligence Platform provides 3 methods to enrich data quality, drive exception based management and automate decision making – rules based models, predictive models and prescriptive models. Rules based models are well defined scenarios or conditions that can be easily identified and remedies/workflows automated. Predictive models continuously learn in order to identify anomalies in data or workflows and offer recommendations. By triggering automatic actions in response to these anomalies, Replicon Time Intelligence Platform can proactively address issues and orchestrate business workflows. For example, timesheets for a set of users may be automatically generated based on which projects/tasks they are scheduled for. These timesheets could include the correct work breakdown structures without any user intervention. In addition, once projects reach certain milestones, invoices may be automatically generated and sent to clients. Prescriptive models are based on deep learning from anonymized peer data sets and provides guidance based on the peer benchmark.

Contextual Data Analysis
Contextual Data Analysis

Replicon Time Intelligence Platform contextualizes time data by analysing events and correlating them with other data sources in order to establish missing facts, and drive more precise automatic workflows. For example, if a supervisor, who is on vacation, hasn’t approved a time off request for a subordinate, the system can automatically route the approval to the next person in the approval chain. Or if a user forgets to punch out, WIFI hotspot data may be used as a proxy to automatically add a punch on the user’s timesheet. There are many such scenarios where contextualized information can help fill in missing information or automate decision making.

Data Lineage

Establishing where data originates, when and by who modifies it and how it is used is essential to provide transparency as well as traceability. A combination of data correlation, lineage and contextual analysis are the 3 main pillars required to establish an authoritative data source that can be trusted as system of record.

Data Lineage

Data Anomaly Detection

Data anomalies are common and may indicate fraud. Undetected anomalies can cost companies dearly and could result in payroll or billing leakages. Replicon’s Time Intelligence Platform has built-in models to detect potential abuse with overtime, meal/rest breaks, vacation/ time off usage, billable/nonbillable time attribution, billable time discounts etc. Detecting and exposing potential abuses in real-time helps to reduce excess payroll costs and lost billing.

Exception Driven Management

Enterprises depend on people and manual intervention to ensure that data is available, complete and accurate. However, relying on people to input accurate time data is a major issue resulting in poor data quality and inaccuracies. Recent advances in AI & ML, combined with automation are now making this problem tractable. Replicon’s Time Intelligence Platform utilizes an exception based management approach to automate the correction of a majority of data inaccuracies and initiate workflows. Manual intervention is only required in exceptional cases. As AI & ML models continuously learn from the entire data set, their recommendations may be relied upon with a higher degree of confidence than human recommendations based on exposure to a subset of the data.

Exception Driven Management

Replicon Time Intelligence Services
Several value added services are layered on top of Replicon’s Time Intelligence Platform and enable intelligent custom application development. These services include.

Data Security Services

Govern and enforce data visibility rules

Global Compliance Services

Govern and enforce global compliance rules

Business Workflow Orchestration Services

Model and orchestrate business processes

Alerts & Notification services

Real time event detection and notifications

Web Services & APIs

Enable extending and developing custom apps

How Replicon Time Intelligence Platform Works
  • Ingest time data and metadata in real-time from multiple streams.
  • Intelligently cleanse and transform this data. As a part of this metadata is associated with time data, lineage is verified and contextual analysis is performed.
  • This data is used to train existing models and when appropriate create new models.
  • Apply rule based and predictive models to automate business workflows – data corrections, accuracy, exception handling, automatic tasks management, route unhandled exceptions with recommended actions.

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