Shared Services Management, Untangled

Manage internal chargebacks and shared services resources effectively


According to Cognizant polling, getting more cost efficient is the #1 mandate for shared services

Is it difficult to manage your shared service resources and productivity?
Shared services resources work from multiple, remote locations
Lack of visibility into which resources are working on what services
Difficult to get real-time updates on services being delivered
Inability to manage chargebacks and services being consumed
Inadequate information to plan for future resource requirements

For managing your shared services well, you need:
  • Real-time updates on the shared services being delivered to manage service levels
  • Complete visibility into provided services and their consumers, to stay on top of chargebacks
  • Historical project information and future pipeline requirements for better project and resource planning
Shared Services Management

Replicon’s enterprise time management platform givesyou control over your shared services with:

Easy access for employees to provide information about time and costs of all services delivered

Increased visibility for shared services clients to understand services and chargebacks using Replicon TimeCost

Ability to track shared service resource skills and allocations to manage utilization and future needs

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