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Time Tracking Solutions: Build or Buy?

Time Tracking Solutions: Build or Buy?

When it comes to automating employee time tracking there are really only two options: build or buy. Discover which option is best for your organization.
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Bullet point icon Pros and cons of building a time tracking solution in-house
Bullet point icon Pros and cons of purchasing software from a leading provider
Bullet point icon The risks associated with doing nothing or delaying a purchase of a time tracking solution

Time Tracking Solutions: Build Or Buy?

Time tracking is a business function that all companies must practice to process payroll, do billing, and manage projects, among other things. Most organizations begin by using a paper-based system or simple spreadsheet application, but as they grow they realize that this is inefficient, cumbersome, time-consuming, and error-prone. They soon come to the conclusion that automated time tracking is the way to go. This whitepaper serves as a guide to the factors that companies need to consider when making the critical decision of building versus buying a time tracking solution.

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