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Labor Compliance and Time Tracking

Labor Compliance and Time Tracking

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Government regulations like the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) require meticulous record keeping to track activities, and extensive documentation to prove compliance. Difficulties in interpreting laws, a lack of processes, and widely varying regional requirements all combine to make compliance with labor regulations a struggle for many organizations. But how concerned are organizations about labor governance? And who has the greatest exposure?The following report, sponsored by Replicon, is based on a survey of 204 HR, finance, and other professionals with responsibility for labor compliance. The goal of the survey, conducted in October 2013, was to quantify the challenges with labor compliance, as well as the benefits of cloud time tracking in meeting regulatory requirements

Executive Summary

Labor compliance is an issue

  • 66% report challenges with labor compliance
  • 80% report concerns about how they track labor compliance
  • Accurate record keeping is the greatest concern
  • 73% are worried about compliance with labor laws
  • Non-exempt, contingent, and contract workers increase concerns about labor law compliance

Cloud-based time tracking beneficial for labor compliance

  • 53% who use cloud time tracking not concerned about labor compliance compared to 24% of those who use only on-premise software
  • 88% say features in cloud-based time tracking solutions are beneficial for meeting labor compliance needs

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