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HR and Payroll Professionals Survey Report

HR and Payroll Professionals Survey Report

Our survey uncovers common challenges HR and Payroll professionals have with their current time tracking systems as well as the key features they look for from a time tracking vendor.
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Bullet point icon General issues with popular time and attendance processes
Bullet point icon The features HR and Payroll professionals find most important with time tracking software
Bullet point icon What large organizations vs small organization value in a time and attendance software

HR and Payroll Professionals Survey Report

To be successful today, organizations need to do more with less. Improving staff productivity, rationalizing labor-related costs, and making sure that employees are paid appropriately for their services, are all sound practices that help manage the bottom line.Most progressive organizations today realize that accurate time tracking is not an option, but a necessity, as it provides vital information to help make informed decisions and grow their businesses. In an attempt to understand the concerns organizations had when it came to their current systems for time tracking, we conducted a survey of HR professionals and executives in October 2012

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