Overseeing your remote, field-based workforce can be demanding without a solution that is enterprise mobile-ready.

Easily track and administer your field and mobile workers with our purpose-built app that works seamlessly with the Replicon platform.

timesheet mobile android app

Any Device, Any Time, Anywhere

Download the Replicon mobile app onto a device of your choice and connect it to your Replicon account. Access our solution from wherever you are.

Seamlessly Sync Time & Expense Data

Our mobile app works in sync with your Replicon instance so all your time and expense data is instantly visible to your managers for further processing.

Manage In-the-Now

Users get real-time notifications and updates to help them stay on top of their work – eliminating delays and enabling them to make proactive decisions.

AI powered mobile timesheet app


Make time management even more unobtrusive with advanced capabilities such as Face, Touch ID, and intuitive chatbots.

employee timesheet app
Mobile, enterprise time management capabilities with the advanced flexibility that works for your business

Empower your workforce with the ability to manage time and expenses accurately, even when they are mobile.

AI-powered Chatbot

Forget the traditional methods for time entry. Your workforce can login to the app via Face ID and Touch ID and choose to interact with our AI-based chatbot to take time management to the next level.

AI powered timesheet app

GPS-enabled timesheet app for multiple employees
Real-time GPS Monitoring

Track location details associated with time entries for consistent application of business policies or to make informed decisions.

Intuitive Interface

Replicon mobile app is available on both iOS and Android and is simple to install and use. Our smooth UI lends itself to rapid adoption with minimal training needs. Users can rely on push notifications and app shortcuts to make timely submissions.

timesheet app android

employee timesheet app
Employee Self-service

Workers can use this advanced app to get notified, enter time, manage time off bookings and expenses, or check schedules. Leverage our Face ID, Touch ID and EMM capabilities to make employee access secure and seamless.

mobile timesheet app
Project Dashboards

Users are able search for projects, tasks, clients and associate time and expenses. Project managers get an instant view of their deliverable status right from our app.

Simplified Approvals

Supervisors and managers get real-time updates about time and expense sheet submissions. They can perform necessary actions right from the push notifications or dive into the app for more details.

timesheet app us

timesheet app iphone
Unified Platform

Whether you are using Android or iOS both Replicon mobile apps work seamlessly with our Replicon Time IntelligenceTM Platform which has all your policies and security settings preconfigured.

Android time tracking app iPhone time tracking app

Advanced Reporting

Time and expense information syncs back with your Replicon applications to provide real-time information for making proactive decisions.

Simplified Approvals

“Replicon’s mobile application is a huge benefit for us–everybody has provided positive feedback about how easy it is to capture and approve time and expenses while on the move.”

Nicolas Dormont, VP of Information Systems, abas

Replicon Mobile Capabilities

Mobile Application
  • Employee Punch In/Out
  • Face ID and Touch ID
  • Time Against Client, Project, Tasks and Activities
  • Time Off, Schedules & Expenses
  • Offline Mode
  • Photo & Location Capture
  • Approvals and Team Status (Who’s in/out)
  • Push Notifications
  • Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM)
  • App Shortcuts with 3D touch

  • Configurable Approval Flow
  • Gross Pay and Billing
  • Organization Hierarchy
  • Group-based Access
  • Notifications
  • Reports
  • Report Sharing

Required Specs
  • Corporate Replicon Account
  • iOS or Android Device with Mobile App
  • Wireless Internet Connection


Product Add-ons


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Track up-to-the-minute project time, billable hours, and efficiently manage resources, projects and clients.
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