Throw Out Your Old, Expensive Time Clock

Modernize your time clock, schedule and shift verification, time off, and self-service experience


Do you need physical time clocks or self-service kiosks in your workplace?

People Tracking Made Easy

Have your end users interact with an iOS tablet to capture time, check into projects or activities, and manage their self-service tasks

Eliminate Buddy Punching

Use real-time image capture and a photo audit trail – combined with user ID or a unique QR code – to eradicate buddy punching

No More Paper Pushing

Reduce your administrative overhead – capture and measure time based on employee-specific rules automatically and enjoy the benefits of always-on device monitoring

Make physical time collection easy and fast with an intelligent, cloud-connected time clock application. Use a world-class user interface with photo capture to make sure the job is done right the first time.

Ready to throw out your traditional time clock?
With Replicon’s easy to use time clock application, you can:
  • Turn any iOS tablet device into a mobile kiosk for time capture and self-service management
  • Have your staff punch time online or offline to activities or jobs, capture punch history, view schedules, track breaks, and request time off or vacations
  • Connect with Replicon TimeAttend, TimeBill and TimeCost to work your data in real-time, anytime and anywhere
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