Time Tracking using traditional, inflexible time clocks can be ineffective, expensive and challenging in today’s era.

Make physical time collection easy using an intelligent, cloud-connected time clock software with advanced capabilities.

Set It Up The Way You Want

Select a kiosk option that works for you and install the CloudClock app on any iOS tablet to transform an ordinary device into a powerful, cloud-enabled kiosk device.

Real-time Sync Of Time Data

Seamlessly work with our Time Intelligence Platform to capture time, check into projects or activities, and manage your self-service tasks.

Eliminate Buddy Punching

Deploy cutting-edge biometrics based on Facial Recognition technology to enable employees’ access to the time clock and completely eradicate time theft issues.

No More Paper Pushing

Reduce your administrative overhead – capture and measure time based on employee-specific rules automatically and enjoy the benefits of always-on device monitoring.

Employee Time Clock App
AI-powered time collection for your diverse workforce needs.

Take the headache out of tracking employee time physically with an easy-to-use, cloud-based, all-in-one intelligent time clock solution. Benefit from advanced configurability, compliance confidence, and fast and easy deployment.

No-hassle Startup

Getting started is as easy as downloading our employee time clock app on your Apple tablet, selecting the case and kiosk of your choice, connecting it to your Replicon account and clocking in and out.
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Time Clock App

GPS-enabled Employee Time Clock
Intelligent Facial Recognition

Go beyond biometrics with face identification capabilities. Forget memorizing User IDs or clunky badges and QR codes. Make punches theft-proof and faster without any hardware costs.

Enable Self-service

Our advanced time clock app can be used to allocate time to activities, breaks, projects and clients. Employees can also view their schedules, request time off or view punch history.

Employee Time Clock Software

Employee Time Clock Solutions
For Your Workforce

CloudClock supports different employee types and shifts within the same devices, making it a cost-effective, versatile solution.

Online Time Clock App
No More Buddy Punching

Utilize our modern interface to capture images in real-time at clock-in and deter time theft with a photo-audit trail.

Proactive Monitoring on Time Clock App
Proactive Monitoring

Replicon team detects and fixes potential problems with the time clock before customers are affected. Businesses benefit from our round-the-clock monitoring and maintenance.

Unified Platform

CloudClock requires our time and attendance products and is connected to Replicon’s Time Intelligence™ Platform which has all your policies and security settings preconfigured.

Unified Platform for Employee Time Clock Solutions

Advanced Reporting
Advanced Reporting

Time captured on the advanced time clock syncs back with your Replicon applications to provide real-time information for making proactive decisions.

“Time is one of our greatest assets as a company, and we’ve ensured that there’s no more guessing when it comes to reporting it – both on the go and in our multiple offices across the country.”

Amy Barboza, HR Director, Simmons Hanly Conroy

Replicon CloudClock Capabilities

Time Clock Application
  • Facial Recognition
  • QR Code and User ID
  • Employee Punch In/Out
  • Time Against Client, Project, Tasks and Activities
  • Meal and Rest Breaks
  • Photo Capture
  • Location Capture
  • Punch History, Time Off and Shift Schedules
  • Offline Mode

  • Configurable Approval Flow
  • Organization Hierarchy
  • Pay Rules and Gross Pay
  • Group-based Access
  • Notifications
  • Reports
  • Report Sharing

Required Specs


Product Add-ons


Manage time and attendance for your diverse workforce and get your gross pay under control. *Needed for using CloudClock
Time and Attendance Software


Track up-to-the-minute project time, billable hours, and efficiently manage resources, projects and clients.
Project Time Billing Software