Integrating with ADP

For customers new to Replicon, we offer three editions of Replicon configured to integrate with ADP out of the box:

  • Replicon for RUN Powered by ADP®
  • Replicon for ADP Workforce Now®
  • Replicon for ADP Workforce Now® Next Generation

If you're already a Replicon customer, you can leverage all the functionality offered in these products by purchasing one of our dedicated ADP connectors:

  • Replicon Connector for RUN Powered by ADP®
  • Replicon Connector for ADP Workforce Now®
  • Replicon Connector for ADP Workforce Now® Next Generation

These integrations are available for purchase exclusively from within the ADP Marketplace.

Customers can use these integrations to transfer employees from those versions of ADP to Replicon where they’ll record time using Replicon’s robust time-tracking functionality. Then, you can transfer calculated payroll data back to ADP for processing.

Please confirm that Time Sheet Import module is available in ADP RUN before attempting to send payroll data to Replicon.

If needed, you can send a pay run using test data from Replicon to ensure it is imported into ADP RUN successfully, then delete the run from both Replicon and ADP RUN. If this module isn’t enabled, you’ll likely need to contact ADP to help you set it up.

About the transfer workflow


  1. Administrator creates employees and contractors in ADP.

In Replicon:

  1. Administrator transfers employees and contractors to Replicon as users.
  2. Employees record time in Replicon.
  3. Replicon calculates employees’ paid hours.
  4. Payroll manager creates a pay run in Replicon using the Payroll Workbench.
  5. Payroll manager transfers pay data to ADP.


  1. Payroll manager accepts and approves the pay data import in ADP.
  2. Payroll manager processes payroll in ADP.

Using the Replicon for ADP products

Refer to the following topics for more information about using these integrations:


Which version should we purchase?

ADP RUN is payroll processing software aimed at smaller companies, while ADP Workforce Now is used by medium-sized companies, up to 1000 users.

Purchase a connector if you already use Replicon; Purchase one of the full products if you're new to Replicon.

Can we use this integration if we aren’t using ADP?

No. All customers can create flat-file integrations with ADP products via our Payroll Workbench, but to use these API transfers, you must be using RUN Powered by ADP, ADP Workforce Now, or ADP Workforce Now Next Generation, available only through the ADP Marketplace.

Who should we contact if we have questions?

You can contact Replicon Support if you have questions about using Replicon.

How can we stay up to date on updates and changes made to these Replicon and the ADP integrations?

Replicon publishes release notes every week – any notable changes to these two ADP integrations will be mentioned there. You can subscribe to have the release notes delivered to your inbox.

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