Purchasing and configuring Replicon for ADP

Once you've purchased Replicon for ADP RUN or Replicon for ADP Workforce Now, you'll want to set up some user and payroll transfer settings, to ensure your employees are ready to record time as soon as they're imported into Replicon.

This topic applies only to customers using our Replicon for ADP RUN or Replicon for ADP Workforce Now products, available exclusively from the ADP Marketplace.

Trialing and purchasing ADP

Before purchasing Replicon, you can create a Replicon trial to evaluate its features. Note that you cannot carry out a test payroll integration using the trial version.

When you purchase Replicon, a new production instance will be generated for you. Once the instance is generated, click the Replicon icon under My Apps, and you’ll be immediately logged in to Replicon.

You’ll need to authorize ADP to share read access to your basic contact information and your unique identifier in ADP.

Is the monthly fee prorated?

The month begins on the day you sign up. For example, if you sign up on the 13th of a month, each billing month runs until the 12th (inclusive) of each following month.

Configuring Replicon after purchase

When you first log in to Replicon after purchasing it, you’ll be taken to the ADP Connector page.

On this page, you can configure the settings for your user and payroll integrations, so you’re ready to transfer data.

You can modify these settings at any time by returning to this page located at: Administration > Integrations > ADP Connector.

Choosing the defaults for imported users

On the ADP Connector page, you can select the default permission set, timesheet template, and schedule that will be assigned to users you transfer from ADP.

Click the links on the right to add new options for each of these settings.

Then, immediately import users by clicking Import Users from ADP. Your default selections will only be saved once you carry out the import.

Refer to Transferring ADP employees to Replicon for more information about carrying out a user import.

Mapping earnings codes

On the ADP Connector page, you can choose which ADP earnings code each Replicon pay code will be set to in ADP. These mappings are used when you transfer payroll data.

For example, if you map the Replicon Time and a Half pay code to the ADP Overtime earnings code, any time recorded using the Time and a Half pay code will be saved in ADP as Overtime.

For ADP RUN, there are separate mappings for employees and contractors; for ADP Workforce Now, there are mappings for each company code.

All earnings codes available in your ADP system will be available to map; if you use multiple company codes, you need to ensure the ones you select are appropriate for each company code. Also, payroll transfer only supports Hours or Hours/Earnings earnings codes; be sure to only map those types of earnings codes.

You can add as many mappings as you need – click the Add Mappings link to add more.

Remember to click the Save Earning Code Mappings button when you're done.

Managing time off settings

For most customers, time off types and policies are necessary to carry out payroll. If time off impacts pay calculations in any way, we recommend that you track time off in Replicon. If you already have time off set up in ADP, we suggest moving it to Replicon.

Click here for information on setting up time off types and policies in Replicon.

Can we track time off in both Replicon and ADP?

You should avoid tracking time off in both Replicon and ADP, since each system has its own time off accrual logic. Mixing systems will result in conflicting balances. Also, for this reason, time off data cannot be automatically transferred between Replicon and ADP.

Using Replicon for time entry

Imported ADP employees should be able to immediately log in and start recording time in Replicon. If you need help using Replicon for time entry, refer to these pages for relevant information:

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