How can I find out what's new in Replicon?

We publish improvements to Replicon every week. To keep up to date, you can subscribe to categories in the Replicon community to have updates delivered straight to your inbox.

See the table below for information on all of your options for keeping up with changes in Replicon.

Type of document

When is it posted/sent?

What does it include?

To receive, subscribe to...

Release notes post and email

Once every two to four weeks on Tuesdays or Wednesdays

Updates on new features, improvements, and bug fixes included in Replicon, Polaris and Replicon Mobile in the preceding period

Product Updates

Upcoming features post

On Wednesdays or Thursdays, whenever required (typically no more than once every couple of months)

Information about changes that might impact your workflow. Small changes may be included in release notes posts instead.

Product Updates

Feature Spotlight articles


Big picture overviews focusing on why you might want to try a new or existing Replicon or Polaris feature

Product Updates

New features in Replicon help topic

Updated as new features are launched

Descriptions of all larger new features added to Replicon in the past six to twelve months


New features in Replicon (video) help topic

Updated each quarter

Short videos introducing new features added each quarter


To subscribe to Product Updates:

  1. Access the Customer Community from the bottom, left corner of Replicon.

  1. In the community, click Product Updates.

  1. Click Follow.

  1. Select Every Post from the drop-down to be notified via email when posts are added.

You'll now receive an email whenever an update is posted.
If you access the community in the future, you'll be automatically logged in, although you may have to access the community from Replicon again if you ever delete your cookies. Note that this automatic log in only applies if you access the community via the Replicon application.

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