Entering time in a duration-based timesheet using Replicon Mobile

This page refers to the latest version of our duration-based timesheet. If your timesheet doesn’t look like the one shown below, refer to Entering time in a duration-based timesheet using Replicon Mobile (legacy interface) for information on using the legacy version of this timesheet.

If you enter in and out times in your timesheet rather than durations, refer to Entering time in an In/out timesheet using Replicon Mobile, or the legacy version of that page, instead of this topic.

Anyone who uses a Replicon timesheet can enter and submit their time using the Replicon Mobile app. When you enter time via Replicon Mobile, the hours you enter will automatically sync with the web version of Replicon. You can enter time for a single day or multiple days using a single screen.

To enter time:

  1. Log in to the application, and go to Timesheets.

  1. If the timesheet period you want to enter time for doesn’t display by default, find it by tapping the arrows beside the Current Period date.

  1. Tap the day you want to enter time for, or tap any day to enter against multiple days.

  1. Tap Add Time Entry or click the icon located at the top of the screen to add a new entry.

  1. If you record hours against projects or activities, tap the Client, Project, Task, Billing Rate, and Activity fields, as needed, and select the appropriate options.


You can tap the  icon to search for projects and tasks.

  1. If you’re entering time for multiple days, enable the Add hours across multiple days option, so it turns green.

If you scroll down, you'll see fields for all days in that timesheet period now display.
  1. For each day you worked, enter hours and, if needed, comments.

  1. Tap ADD to add the entry or entries to your timesheet.

  1. If you need to add time off to the timesheet, tap the icon, located in the top, right-hand corner.


  1. Click the arrow to return to the timesheet’s main screen.

  1. If you’ve finished filling out your timesheet, tap SUBMIT.


Can I sort time entries?

Yes, tap the icon to sort entries by client, project, task, activity, duration, or comments, as applicable, from A to Z or from Z to A.

What does the  icon mean?

Tapping this icon will refresh the data on your timesheet, for use in payroll. You shouldn't typically need to tap this, though doing so shouldn't do any harm.

Can I copy data from other timesheets?

Yes. To copy data from your older timesheets, or from your schedule, tap the icon on the main timesheet screen, and select Overwrite With.

Can I delete all data from a timesheet?

Yes. To delete all entries, tap the icon on the main timesheet screen, and select Clear All.

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