I can't log in to my account

Having problems logging in? Please click the links below for tips on resolving common login issues.

If these tips don't help, contact your organization’s Replicon administrator.

If you are your company’s Replicon administrator and are encountering login issues you can’t resolve using this topic, please contact Replicon Support.

Basic issues

Password reset issues

For help with resetting a password, refer to I can't remember my user name / password.

Error issues

Sandbox issues

  • When I try to log in to my company's sandbox instance, I'm redirected to our production instance


Basic issues

I don’t know where to log in

Most users log in at https://login.replicon.com.

If you can’t log in to Replicon from this page, confirm that you are entering the correct login credentials – company name, user name, and password – and that you are not a single sign-on (SSO) user.

What is single sign-on (SSO)?

Single sign-on means you use one password to access multiple applications. If you log in to your company system using corporate credentials, or a Google or Intuit or other third-party account, then access multiple applications without entering credentials, you’re probably using single sign-on.

If your organization uses a single sign-on authentication method, you shouldn’t need to enter credentials on the Replicon login page.

If a Google or Intuit SSO other third-party provider icon appears on the login page, click the appropriate icon to access Replicon.

Or, use the direct link your organization provided you with.

I don’t know the format used for my company name

To log in, you’ll need to enter your company name exactly as it is formatted for use with Replicon.

If you can’t remember how it’s formatted, you can try entering different variations of your organization’s name:

  • Ensure the name has no spaces – company names never include spaces
  • Try including, for example, Ltd or Inc.
  • Try appending Gen3 or G3 to the beginning or end of the name

If you can't figure it out, talk to your company’s Replicon administrator or to your supervisor. They should know the exact formatting to use.

Replicon Support doesn’t have access to which user names are associated with each company instance, so they can’t help you retrieve your company name.

I don’t know my user name

Your user name is typically some version of your name, often using the format firstname.lastname or firstinitial.lastname. Or, it could be your email address.

If you have your company name and your email address used in Replicon, we can send you your user name. Refer to I forgot my user name / password for more information.

Replicon Support doesn’t have access to which user names are associated with each company instance, so they can’t help you retrieve your user name.

I can’t remember my password

If you can’t remember your password, you can reset it using the Forgot Password? link. Refer to the I forgot my user name / password topic for more information.


Error issues

An Account Locked message displays on the login page

If you see a message like this above the login fields, it will likely tell you how long the lockout will last – the time remaining will count down.

If the message says to contact your administrator, you’ll need to let your Replicon admin know you’ve been locked out. They will be able to re-enable your account.

You may be able to log in by resetting your password.

System is Temporarily Unavailable displays on the login page

The System is Temporarily Unavailable message displays when Replicon is down due to either scheduled maintenance or, in rare cases, an unplanned server outage.

If the outage is due to planned maintenance, the login page should indicate when the system will be available again. If the outage is unplanned, contact your organization’s Replicon administrator for details. They can contact Replicon Support for information on when access will resume.

When I try to log in, a password reset message displays

This message displays if your password has expired. You'll need to reset your password to access Replicon. Contact your Replicon administrator if you have any issues resetting your password.

Administrators can choose how frequently passwords expire on the System and Security > Security Settings page.

When I try to log in, an error message displays

See the table below for possible error messages that may display during password reset, and how to handle each.

Error message

How to handle the error

Your Account is Disabled. Please contact your internal Replicon Administrator for assistance.

  • Contact your organization’s Replicon administrator

Please login to continue

If you keep receiving this message every time you attempt to log in:

  • Try accessing Replicon from a different browser, or clear the cache and cookies from your browser
  • If that doesn’t work and you’re using Internet Explorer, add Replicon.com to your browser’s compatibility view settings

Then try logging in again.

400 Bad Request
  • Check the site URL for errors
    >Typically, this error means the URL is misspelled or a wrong URL has been entered.

When I try to log in via the SSO page, login fails

If you have problems logging in via SSO, please contact your Replicon administrator, since only your admins from your company has access to its SSO functionality

When I log in, You do not have any permissions or templates displays, and I am logged out

This message displays if your account hasn't been set up with the required permissions or templates. If this occurs, contact your organization's Replicon administrator so they can update your account's settings.


Sandbox issue

When I try to log in to my company's sandbox instance, I'm redirected to our production instance

For most customers, this is likely the result of a cacheing issue. Try clearing your cache, and if you're still misdirected, contact Replicon Support.

If this occurs and you're using SSO in your production environment, before requesting re-creation of your sandbox or trial instance, please follow these steps:

  1. Ensure you have an administrator profile that uses a non-SSO login, using your sandbox/trial credentials, in your production instance.

This should allow you to log in to your production instance and trial/sandbox using the same admin credentials.

  1. Log in to your sandbox/trial environment, and configure a separate SSO for that instance.

This should allow users can access the sandbox/trial without being redirected to the production environment.


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