Setting up a Replicon account

You’ll need a Replicon instance and user account to call the services for your integration. You can sign up for a trial instance here.

However, you may want to use a sandbox account for testing and developing your API applications, for two reasons:

  1. To protect your production data.
  2. To use the sample database, if it isn’t installed on your production instance, which can aid in testing.

Replicon Support can set up a sandbox instance for you.

Setting up account licenses and permissions

Product licenses determine what features you have access to, and permissions limit what actions you can perform and what data you can work with. Both are assigned to user accounts in user profiles.

License and permission limits apply to both the Replicon application and the API.

For example, if a user has permission to edit timesheets as a Billing Manager in the Replicon web app, they’ll also be able to call operations that edit timesheets in custom apps that use their credentials.

To help avoid permission-related errors, we recommend you set up a separate account used solely for developing custom applications. In this account:

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