Deleting and disabling data

Looking for help with this feature in Polaris PSA or Polaris PPM? Check out Deleting and disabling data in the Polaris help.

We recommend that you disable items rather than deleting them to retain a record of that item in your system.

In general, you cannot delete any piece of data that is in use. For example, you can’t delete:

  • Templates or overtime rules that are assigned to users
  • Users who have entered data

To delete items like users or projects, you'll need to remove all data associated with those items first. By default, payroll, billing, and costing managers have permission to delete timesheets and expense sheets.

Disabling an item prevents it from being used in the future, while allowing historical data to be retained. If you disable an item, it cannot be used going forward. For example:

  • If you disable (or archive) an activity or project, it will continue to display on all timesheets that were submitted before it was archived, but cannot be included on timesheets submitted after you changed the status
  • If you disable a template or permission profile, you can’t assign it to any additional users, although it will still be in effect for users already assigned that item
  • If you disable an overtime or validation rule, the rule no longer applies to any unsubmitted timesheets

Refer to the following topics for more information:

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