Deleting data using RIA

The Replicon Import Add-in (RIA) offers a small number of delete templates that you can use to mass delete data from your instance. Remember that the same restrictions apply when deleting data using RIA – you can’t delete data that other data is dependent on.

Changes you make using RIA cannot be reversed. Therefore, use caution when working with RIA, as it allows you to easily make changes to large amounts of live data that cannot be undone.

You can also use our in-app data import feature to add, edit, or delete projects, tasks, clients, project and task assignments, users, holidays, activities, and groups. It doesn't require installation, and is supported for use on Macs.

To delete data using RIA:

  1. Log in to RIA.
  2. Select the Delete template for the data you want to delete.

The template will automatically populate with values from those fields.

  1. Select Yes from the Delete column for each row you want to delete.

All data in the row will be deleted; you can’t choose a specific cell to delete. If you want to delete specific non-required values, use the corresponding Update import, and leave the cells for the data you want to delete blank.

  1. Click the Delete button in the RIA top menu.


Can I delete specific cells using RIA?

Yes, you can delete data from non-required fields using RIA Update templates.

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