Defining how approvals proceed when bookings are reopened

If you edit a time off booking, you may or may not want approvers to have to review the booking and its related timesheet. You can choose how these items are routed for approval on the Time Off Settings page.

To choose your settings:

  1. Go to Administration > Time Off > Time Off Settings.
  2. Configure the approval settings. Refer to the tables below for more information.

  1. Click Save.

Setting name: Reopen timesheets with time off changes

This option applies whenever time off is edited and the associated timesheet has already been submitted.



Advantage of this option

Only if they are fully approved

Timesheets that are fully approved will reopen to an unsubmitted state; timesheets still awaiting one or more approvers will not reopen, but will be recalculated when approval is completed

Waiting timesheets do not need to be re-submitted or re-approved, but pay and time off values will be recalculated


All timesheets – ones awaiting approval or fully approved – will reopen to an unsubmitted state

Employees and approvers will always have a chance to review changes in the timesheet prior to approval, like newly-triggered validation errors

Setting name: When schedules change, update time off and

This option applies if you change a schedule in new time off, and a booking is automatically reopened and updated to match the new schedule.



Advantage of this option

Automatically re-approve the bookings

Time off bookings will automatically return to Approved status after they are updated

Easiest option – no re-approval required

Submit the bookings for re-approval

Time off bookings will automatically be assigned Waiting status, and will need to be approved again

Approvers have a chance to review any changes in the booking, like new time off balances or validation errors

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