CloudClock usage best practices

When using a CloudClock, you can prevent most sync issues by following the best practices listed below. For more information, refer to Setting up CloudClock.


Best practice


Keep your CloudClock on and connected to the internet at all times, even at night

This helps prevent syncing issues that arise when clocks are taken offline

Be sure your Clock is charged at all times

This prevents disconnections that occur when the device runs out of power

If you think a punch might be missing, do not add a punch without first referring to Troubleshooting CloudClock issues or contacting Replicon Support

If you add a punch without knowing why it's missing, the punch may be a duplicate of one already in the system

Ensure all pending punches are synced before you disconnect or uninstall a clock

Refer to Monitoring the status of your CloudClocks and Troubleshooting CloudClock issues for information on how to check whether you have unsynced punches, and how to manually sync punches.

Keep your CloudClock device locked.

To do this, either use Guided Access or, in the iPad settings, go to General > Auto-Lock, and set Auto-Lock to Never.

This ensures your CloudClock doesn’t go into sleep mode

Ensure you are always using the latest version of the CloudClock app.

You can do this either by enabling auto updates, or by subscribing to Product Updates in the Replicon community, so you know when a new version is available for manual update.

Using the latest version ensures you've received the latest features and any critical bug fixes

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