Troubleshooting CloudClock issues

CloudClock punches will typically sync with your Replicon instance automatically within five minutes. Punches that have not synced have one of the two statuses described in the table below.

Punch status


Yet to sync (queued)

The punch was accepted by the local CloudClock, but the punch hasn't synced with your Replicon instance yet.

Punches typically only become stuck in the queued state if they were made when the clock was offline and was unable to connect to your web instance.

Failed to save (Error punch)

The punch was accepted by the local CloudClock but cannot save to the timesheet because the punch violates a system rule and is therefore invalid.

In cases like this, the clock saved the invalid punch because validation against the rule in question wasn’t possible when the user created the punch (e.g. the clock was offline or the punch is validated using a script that doesn't run at the time the punch is made).

If punches do not sync as expected, you will be notified via email regarding the status of those unsynced punches. You can also check for unsynced punches yourself, using the Manage Clocks page in Replicon.

To resolve sync issues, refer to our troubleshooting tips for the following scenarios:

Most sync issues result because CloudClocks have gone offline. Refer to CloudClock usage best practices for tips that can help prevent sync issues.

Some of our punches are yet to sync

If you received an email notification from Replicon stating that you have punches yet to sync, try the steps below.


  • Restart your CloudClock device and app
  • Confirm that your CloudClock device is on, and isn’t in sleep mode
  • Ensure your device is connected to the internet:
      • Check that your device is connected to your Wi-Fi, 3G, or 4G network
      • Check that your network connection isn’t experiencing an outage
      • Ensure your device isn’t mistakenly connecting to an unknown or open network
  • Ensure the CloudClock app is always kept in front on your device


Wait 15 minutes, and check whether the missing punches have appeared in their corresponding timesheet. If they haven't, you can try to force punches to sync. To do this:

  1. Press the top, right-hand corner of the scan screen and hold for 10 seconds.
  2. Tap the Sync Punches button.

If you still don't see the missing punches, contact Replicon Support.

Don't create replacement punches for ones that are yet to sync; recreating a queued punch will create a duplicate punch in your system.

Some of our punches failed to save

An error punch occurs when the system determines that a punch that was made is invalid. Punches in this state will never save to the timesheet since they are not valid punches.

If an email notification from Replicon states that you have punches that failed to save, you'll need to find out why the original punches were invalid and, if required, recreate the punches.

Why does a punch become an error punch? These are the two most common causes:

To help prevent errors from occurring, ensure your clock is always online and connected to your web instance. This will prevent most error punches from being saved to your clock.

An invalid punch is made while the clock is offline

When a punch violates rules set up in your system and the clock is online and connected to your web instance, the punch will be rejected immediately by the clock, and will not be saved.

However, if punches are made while the CloudClock is offline, in some cases error punches will be saved. Once the clock is reconnected, the system will detect the error and the punch will be rejected by the server and classified as an error punch.

If you have error punches, check whether they match the scenarios outlined in the table below. If you need help identifying what caused the error, contact Replicon Support.

If you have some punches with failed to save status and some with yet to sync status in your system, address the yet to sync punches first. Once they've synced, troubleshoot any failed to save punches.

Error scenario

How to resolve the error

An employee’s punch entry policy blocks punches from being made against submitted timesheets.

While the clock is offline:

  1. The employee makes a punch
  2. The timesheet the punch corresponds to is submitted
  1. Reopen the timesheet
  2. Recreate the punch

While the clock is offline:

  1. An employee makes a punch
  2. A requirement in their punch entry policy is changed, making the punch invalid

For example, an admin updates the policy such that activities are now required, but the punch didn’t include an activity

  1. Ensure the punch will meet the new punch requirement
  2. Recreate the punch

While the clock is offline:

  1. An employee makes a punch
  2. An admin changes the employee’s status to inactive in their user profile

If the punch is valid:

  1. Reactivate the employee
  2. Recreate the punch

The punch violates a script-based validation rule

The following scenario will only be an issue if your system uses scripted validations. It can occur whether the punch was made while the clock was online or offlline.

Error scenario

How to resolve the issue

An employee's punches are validated against a script set up in your system.

For example, a scripted rule they are assigned may require them to punch in between 8 a.m. and 10 a.m.

  1. The employee makes a punch that violates the script-based validation rule (e.g. they punch in after 10 a.m.)
  2. The clock accepts and saves the error punch, since punches can't be validated against scripted rules right when the punch is made
  3. Later, the validation script runs, and the punch is identified as an error punch
  1. Ensure the punch meets the scripted validation requirements
  2. Recreate the punch

Contact Replicon Support if you need more information on how to resolve error punches.

Punches are missing, but we didn’t receive an email notification

If you expected punches to appear on timesheets, you can try the troubleshooting steps in the sections above. Or, call Replicon Support and they'll help you figure out why punches are missing.

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