Billable project hours are being categorized as non-billable

If a project's hours were mistakenly categorized as non-billable, check for the following issues:

  • The Billing Type field is set to Non-Billable for the project
  • The Time & Expense Entry field is set to Non-Billable (for Time & Material projects)
  • The project team member isn't assigned billing rates (for Time & Material projects)
  • The Time & Expense Entry field is set to Non-Billable at the task level
  • The team member selected Non-Billable as the billing type during time entry
  • The team member copied an entry set to Non-Billable from a previous timesheet, and failed to update it

Once you've discovered and addressed the source of the problem, you can correct the billable status of the hours. To do this:

  1. Reopen the timesheet if it's closed.
  2. Update the affected hours to Billable.
  3. Save and submit the timesheet, as appropriate.

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