Has Enterprise Time Management within your ERP become a frankenstein?
ERP time management
Not designed to meet specific organization needs
  • Significant costs make the deployment inelastic.
  • Specific needs of smaller departments and geographies are missed.

Not able to keep pace with business processes
  • Disruptive and expensive to continuously add band-aids to bridge gaps in ERP.
  • ERP change management becomes a vicious cycle.
ERP change management

ERP time tracking update
Limiting with outdated ERP versions
  • ERP investments could date back to 15 years.
  • The older the version, the more convoluted it gets.

Mobile and field workers’ Time is severely affected
  • Mobile access requires a overhauled mobile framework for the ERP.
  • Process of mobilizing the time application needs a full-fledged ROI.
ERP mobile time tracking

Replicon’s approach to solving your enterprise time management challenges:
enterprise time management
More than a feature enhancement in your ERP- it’s a product
  • Replicon enables businesses with an enterprise-grade product that supports global governance and local administration, that is multilingual, and has the scalability to meet organization needs.
  • Our modern user interface and a native mobile application drive rapid adoption even with diverse employee types.
  • Our Time Intelligence Platform is customizable to your unique requirements and supports comprehensive end-to-end workflows, including global payroll with compliance, billing, invoicing and revenue recognition, shared services and project costing, and much more.

Plug & play with your ERP to minimize change management
  • Ensure your system of record has the data it needs without changing your ERP system.
  • Integrate through standard connectors and interfaces to and from your back-end systems for required data and workflows.
  • Replace your current overwhelmed ERP time feature with a purpose-built product without replacing your entire ERP.
  • Address the multiple pressures on your ERP coming from your end users without the hassle of change requests.
ERP time tracking alternative

ERP time tracking cloud
True cloud delivery model gives you maximum ROI
  • Always stay up-to-date with our continuous delivery of enhancements.
  • We are proud of our high availability. Our solutions are available 99.5% of time.
  • Our global data centers with 8 swim lanes make sure that you always have access.
  • We adhere to SAS 17, and other stringent security and other compliance requirements.

Move fast with Replicon’s easily configurable product
  • Get up and running fast with our experienced and award winning implementation and support teams in a matter of weeks.
  • Take advantage of our scriptable framework to make adjustments to suit your business needs without long customization projects.
  • Don’t pressure your time platform with your lengthy ERP change management schedules- set it up and run fast.
  • Ensure agility and know that you can tweak easily after the fact to adjust the system to be the right fit for you.
replicon time tracking implementation

ROI calculation
Easily justify the ROI of our solution
  • Achieve an ROI in months, not years. Implement fast and at a much lower cost than touching your ERP.
  • No longer fret about year long consulting services engagements or 7-8 figure upgrades.
  • Justify the spend with a reduction in operating expense due to efficiencies achieved.

blackbaud logo
“We’ve started to look at our business differently across the board, and time is just one measure to help us better succeed. Whether it’s evaluating team efficiencies, resource utilization against projects, or product development and investment, Replicon has been the tool that we trust to help us improve effectiveness.”

John Young Chief of Staff (RDO Division), Blackbaud

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