Payroll effort

Large, multi-location organizations with global ERP deployments rely on these backend systems to help them manage enterprise time.

But using the basic time tracking features offered as part of the ERP often means businesses need to spend time and money on custom projects to meet their location, employee, and use-case specific needs. Even supporting a mobile workforce can be challenging.

Replicon’s Time IntelligenceTM Platform offers the advanced features, configurability, scalability, agility, and the ability to plug & play to help businesses extend the life of their ERP investment while reaping tremendous ROI.

Enhance Your ERP with a Full Product – not With (Yet Another) Feature
  • Replicon’s Time Intelligence™ platform helps you treat time like you treat money, resources, and materials – as a valuable asset
  • Is customizable to your unique requirements, in support of comprehensive end-to end workflows
  • Supports global governance AND local administration
  • Serves as the foundation for all time data signals, their context, data lineage, and derived intelligence
  • Achieves ROI in months, not years and is implemented faster and at a lower cost than constantly tweaking your ERP
  • Eliminates years-long consulting service engagements and
    costly upgrades

Enhance Your ERP

Zero Change ERP

Zero Change Management Within Your ERP
  • Update system-of-record data without changing your ERP system
  • Easily manage global time and attendance, time off, gross pay, wage-and-hour compliance, client billing, revenue recognition, and more
  • Integrate standard connectors into your back-end system for required data and workflows
  • Address the multiple pressures on your ERP from end users without time-consuming change requests
  • Automate the process of correcting data inaccuracies and initiating workflows – minimizing the need for manual intervention

Realize Maximum ROI Through a True Cloud Delivery Model
  • Empowers businesses with a modern enterprise-grade, purpose-build time management product
  • Continuous delivery of enhancements maintains up-to-date deployment
  • Expansive bandwidth ensures continual access to global data centers
  • Adheres to SAS 17 and other stringent security and other compliance requirements
  • Delivers a holistic view of time data and its relationship with metadata throughout the organization
  • Add locations with zero fixed costs and minimal incremental operating costs and effort


Mobile Apps
Mobile and Non-Intrusive Data Capture Deliver on Your Unique Needs
  • Advanced mobile app meets the self-service requirements of your remote and mobile workforce
  • Modern user interfaces and non-intrusive time data capture drive rapid adoption
  • Intelligent time clock with advanced features including Facial Recognition
  • Scriptable framework for adjustments suits your business needs without long customization projects
  • Agile platform enables appropriate tweaks to adjust to the right fit
  • The scalability of Time Intelligence accelerates business growth and meets future organizational needs

The Replicon Solution for Enterprise Time Management solves a host of challenges of legacy ERP time systems

multi-location workforce

Inability to meet specific requirements based on different employee types, use-cases and other localization needs

business process changes

Inflexibility to keep pace with business process changes

Limitations associated with older ERP versions

Limitations associated with older ERP versions

mobile workforce

Ineffective legacy interfaces for the mobile workforce

“By avoiding the need to modify any of our backend systems, we were able to develop a mobile, employee-friendly, front-end solution, without having to make any changes to, or incur any down time on, our other systems. Implementation was quick, and the integration with ERP has been seamless, providing all the necessary information that we require for further processing.”

Olcay Yilmaz, Finance Director, Siemens Rail Automation Holdings Ltd

Get time intelligent today.

See how Replicon can modernize your time management and enhance the effectiveness of your legacy ERP system.


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