Manage Your EmployeeAbsences with Confidence

Simplify your time off processes and maximize availability

Payroll Base

The total costs, direct and indirect, of all major absence categories average 35 percent of the payroll base

Employee time off management can be challenging because:
Time off requests cause a huge administrative burden on HR and payroll
Employee absenteeism creates staffing challenges for supervisors
Difficult to track usage, balances and end-of-year resets
Inconsistent time off policy application across the workforce
Cumbersome to manage liabilities and time off policy compliance

To make employee absence tracking easy, you need:
  • Ability for employees to submit time off requests and supervisors to easily review and approve – anytime, anywhere
  • Consistent application of time off policies across the workforce to prevent litigations
  • Visibility into usage and balance information to manage time off liabilities and compliance

Replicon’s enterprise time management platformsimplifies time off management with:

Easy creation of time off policies and simplified management of usage and balance tracking

Self-service time off requests for employees and intelligent approvals for supervisors using Replicon TimeOff

Detailed reporting to provide quick insights into time off liabilities and usage trends

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