Web TimeOff Upgrade 2.4     

Before attempting an upgrade it is very important to ensure your maintenance program is current. If your maintenance agreement has expired, performing an upgrade may leave your application in an unusable state.

To ensure a successful and safe upgrade, perform all the following steps in order:

1. Check that your maintenance agreement is current:
  • a.Log in to Web TimeOff as an administrator.

  • b.Select Licensing from the Administration menu.

  • c.Locate the Maintenance Agreement Expires On field.

  • d.Ensure that the maintenance period has not expired.

2. Download the latest build ( of Web TimeOff using the following URL:


Are you using a Microsoft SQL Server 7 database? If so, contact Replicon Support before upgrading, as the minimum requirements for using version 2.4 of Web TimeOff with SQL Server have been increased from SQL Server 7 to SQL Server 2000. (Customers using other databases are not affected by this change.)

4. Backup your existing Web TimeOff database.
  Backing up your database:

  • Ensures that none of your data is lost if the installation process is interrupted (if, for example, your system crashes or the procedure runs out of disk space)

  • Gives you the option of returning to using an older version of Web TimeOff.

5. Install the upgrade:
  • a.We recommend implementing the upgrade in a test environment first.

  • b.Close Web TimeOff.

  • c.Launch the .exe file that you just downloaded.

  • d.Choose Maintain or Update the instance of this application as the type of setup.

  • e.Follow the onscreen instructions.

  If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Replicon Support at support@replicon.com .

For more in depth instructions please see Chapter 2 of the Web TimeOff User Guide at the following
URL: https://download1.replicon.com/docs/wto24/WTO24UserManual.pdf




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