Business rules in Web TimeSheet specify how employees' hours will be handled within the system. You can assign specific rules regarding overtime for employees, and set minimum/maximum hours in users' timesheets.

Over Time Rule:
Rules that help you specify how your employees will be paid for their overtime hours. This feature accommodates customers who require overtime calculations and rate adjustments.If you are using Web TimeSheet to calculate pay, you must set up overtime rules. Overtime hours and pay are automatically calculated based on:

  • The hours entered in a user’s timesheet
  • The overtime rules you define

The user may choose to bank all overtime hours for a timesheet period if you assign them Choice of
banking extra overtime hours permission.
Overtime rules are only available with a Time & Attendance Edition license

Validation Rule:Rules let you set the minimum/maximum number of hours that must be on an employee's Timesheet in order for it to be considered valid. You should create validation rules if you want to ensure a timesheet has a minimum and/or maximum number of hours entered before it can be submitted.
For example, you might require your employees to work a minimum of eight hours a day for each weekday, but no employee is allowed to work more than 60 hours in a week. To accomplish this, you would set up one rule with two conditions:

  • A work day is equal to or greater than eight hours
  • A week is less than or equal to 60 hours.

In this situation, all timesheets would have to meet both conditions before they could be submitted
Validation rules include time off hours. For example, if a validation rule requires users to enter more
than seven hours per day on their timesheet, a user who has taken the day off must account for that
time by entering more than seven hours of time off.

Web TimeSheet Time & Attendance edition only.

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