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working overtime

With the fast-approaching implementation of the Department of Labor’s new overtime regulation, we wanted to take a look at overtime facts over the years — who is working the most overtime, who is violating overtime compliance the most, and what people think of the new overtime regulation.

DISCLAIMER: The information presented in this document highlights several examples of federal and/or state labor law requirements. Replicon makes no guarantees as to the completeness or accuracy of these summarized requirements. This document in no way suggests or offers any labor law guidance, or legal advice of any kind, and should not be construed as such. If you need legal advice in relation to labor law compliance issues, please consult with your qualified legal advisor.

Who’s working the most overtime?

who’s working the most overtime

Which countries work the most overtime?

countries working the most overtime

How much overtime does the US work?

how much overtime does US work

What age is working the most overtime?

working overtime age group

How far spread are overtime violations?

overtime violations
overtime cases

Number of overtime cases and dollar value

overtime case violations

Which industries have the most overtime violations?

which industries have most overtime violations

Which states have the most violations?

which states has most overtime violations

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Want to learn about the updates to overtime? See this three-part series detailing all of the latest changes, impacts, and best practices. This overtime update is effective as of January 1st, 2020.