When accessing the SAML URL, the system is authenticating the user correctly and re-directing the user to Web TimeSheet. However, the login page displays an error as Unable to login. Please contact your Administrator

This error normally occurs when either the user name (Windows User Name) does not exist or is incorrectly setup in the Web TimeSheet database and the system cannot find the user, or the server hosting the SAML application is out of sync with the Internet Time Server.

The administrator or a user with Admin rights need to verify that the employee is setup correctly in Web TimeSheet, and the user name of the employee matches with that of the Windows User Name. Also, the Authentication Type needs to be set to SAML.

  • Log into Web TimeSheet as an Administrator or a user with admin privileges.
  • Click on System–>Administration–>Users. Search the user from the user list and double click on the name.
  • On the 'Edit User' page, under the Access tab, ensure that the user name matches the Windows user name and the 'Authentication Type' is set as SAML.

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