The SAML identity set up in IIS redirects to the login page while browsing Web TimeSheet if there is a incorrect system name in the SAML transfer URL. To rectify this behavior, follow the steps given below:
  • Open the web.config file in the SAML Identity provider and check the Web TimeSheet installation URL. It should in the format given below,
<add key="ServiceProviderURL" value="https://<YourCompanyName>/saml.ashx" />
  • Log into Web TimeSheet and then goto Administration–System Preferences and make sure that the SAML Transfer URL is as follows,
https:// computer name/SAML?target={0}
  • In the computer name do not include the domain name and it should only be the system name.
  • After that set up the user to Access SAML Authentication in User Profile and make sure the login name should be the same as that of the Windows user name.
  • Save the changes and then log out of Web TimeSheet.
  • Browse through the SAML site i.e. open IE and type the following URL,
https:// computer name/SAML
  • In case you get the message that Cannot log into Web TimeSheet and contact your System Administrator with the Retry button, check that the system time matches with the original time of the time zone that you are situated in then, go to the website and select you local Time Zone settings.
  • Accordingly, adjust the system time and it can be within the limit of 30 secs to a minute.
  • Close the IE and then try to log into Web TimeSheet again by typing the name of the system as follows,

https:// computer name/SAML

  • It would ask for the Windows credentials. After the credentials are entered it would directly take to the Web TimeSheet page.
To know more about how to make the SAML identity to be in sync with the internet review the Related Items section in this knowledge base below.



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