The following error message occurs when users try to generate any timesheet which has a Holiday with in the timesheet period.
"You can't create a timesheet beyond x months in advance."

Where, 'X' stands for the the number of months set in due/end dates.

This error might come up if  Error might still come up even if the end/due dates are changed. This occurs only when the particular timesheet period has a Holiday, the timesheets with out a holiday in them generate fine. The reason being the application tries to auto-populate the holiday time off hours and while doing so it creates a holiday time off booking on behalf of the user, but if the user doesn't have the permission to submit a time off booking, the auto-populating of holiday hours fails and the above error is shown.
Assign a permission to the affected user, which grants the ability to submit time off bookings. To edit the user's permission profile, follow the steps given below:

  • Edit permission which is assigned to the user who is facing this error.
  • Under Time Off section, select Submit time off bookings.
  • Click Save.

Note: If you don't want to provide submit time off bookings access then we need to ensure that booking required is not checked for the holiday time off type. To check this go to Administration -> Time Off Setup -> Time Off Types -> Holiday -> click Edit and uncheck Booking Required.

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