Error 5016 or 9008 occurs when attempting to connect to MS Project Server 2003.
The log reads as follows:
2007-09-05 15:11:11] Error: An exception occurred and was handled: An error occurred while attempting to connect to Microsoft Project Server.
Unexpected PDS Error. (5016) at Replicon.MSPI.PDS.PDSConnection.LogonToProjectServer(Boolean checkVersions)
at Replicon.MSPI.PDS.PDSConnection.LogonToProjectServer()
at Replicon.MSPI.GUI.MSPIMain.ProjectServerConnect()
[2007-09-05 15:11:13] Error: An exception occurred and was handled: An error occurred while connecting to Microsoft Project
Access Denied – You are not logged in at Replicon.Client.RRequestProcessor.GetResponse(ArrayList commandObjs, String rtapiVersion, ActionOnError actionOnError)
at Replicon.Client.RRequestProcessor.GetResponse(Command commandObj, String rtapiVersion, ActionOnError actionOnError)
at Replicon.Client.RSession.UserDefinedFieldQuery(RQuery query)
at Replicon.MSPI.GUI.MSPIMain.ResetMappings()
at Replicon.MSPI.GUI.MSPIMain.ResetProjectConnection()
at Replicon.MSPI.GUI.MSPIMain.buttonProjectServerConnect_Click(Object sender, EventArgs e)

In the event viewer on the Project Server box, you may see this event logged in the Application Log:
Component: PDS
Line: 0
Error Number: 0x2330
Description: <Description><![CDATA[CMain.HandleUnknownRequest; 429 :
ActiveX component can't create object]]></Description>
  • Open the Windows Registry to check the PDSExtension keys in the following location,
  • HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESOFTWAREMicrosoftOffice11.0MS ProjectWebClient ServerProjectServer
  • The data values in this registry should read: Microsoft.ProjectServer.Extension.General
  • Rename any values found in this registry entry, to the one mentioned above.
  • Restart the MS Project Integration Manager.


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