Syncing a project with Microsoft Project

You can use the Microsoft Project add-in to transfer data between Microsoft Project and Replicon.

To sync project data between the two applications:

  1. Install the Replicon add-in.
  2. In Microsoft Project, open the project you want to sync.

Each time you sync with Replicon, the sync only applies to the project you are currently viewing. Other projects will not be synced, even if they are open.

  1. Select the Project tab in the toolbar.

  1. Click the Synchronize button at the end of the toolbar.

  1. Log in using the same login details that you use for Replicon.

You will only need to log in the first time you try to sync a project.

  1. Enter your company and user name and click Continue.

  1. Enter your password and click Log In.

Or, if you log in to Replicon using your corporate or Google login information, you will be prompted to enter your user name and password.

  1. Click Sync Project to Replicon.

The transfer begins.

  1. Once the transfer is complete, click Open Project in Replicon to view the project in Replicon.

Follow the same process as above for subsequent syncs of the project. If you have made changes to the project in Microsoft Project, you don’t need to save the changes before syncing with Replicon.

If you encounter a problem during the sync, see Troubleshooting Microsoft Project sync errors.

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