Frequently Asked Questions
  • What is Replicon Gen3?
    Replicon Gen3 is the current generation of Replicon’s leading cloud time tracking applications. Gen3 has improved the capabilities of the Gen2 platform and provides additional functionality with a solution that is easier to use and can be used more extensively in your organization. With new major capabilities like resource and client management, better analytics, and a new area designed exclusively for payroll managers, Gen3 supports many new business use-cases and has the potential to benefit many more individuals in your organization.
  • What is the difference between Gen3 and Gen2?
    Replicon Gen3 is built on a new platform with the latest technology and leading edge role-based design that gives our customers significant improvements over our Gen2 platform. Here is a summary of some the key improvements.
    • Improved user experience – Replicon’s user interface has been simplified and streamlined. A new role-based design makes it more intuitive for all users to find what they need quickly to get their job done.
    • In context analytics – Our new analytics capability provides dynamic, real-time insights about your projects, clients, and more. Our analytics are process-based so insights are delivered to you reducing your reliance on reports.
    • Resource management – Brand new resource management capabilities give you a holistic view of your resource so you can quickly find employees, allocate them to projects and monitor utilization.
    • Enhanced project execution – New capabilities like client and practice management give you greater insights and help you manage your projects better than ever before.
    • Streamlined payroll management – A new area specifically designed for payroll managers and a significantly improved UI get you from time capture to payroll faster than ever.
  • Are you introducing any new products as part of Gen3?
    Yes, in addition to improving and adding new features to all of our existing products, we are introducing two new solutions that provide you with significantly more functionality:
    • Professional Services Management solution (RepliconPSM) – Automates project billing, simplifies resource management and provides clear visibility into your future project planning activities so you can deliver projects on time with higher service margins. More
    • Project and Program Management solution (RepliconPPM) – Automates project time and cost tracking and simplifies resource management to give you greater insight into your project costs and to help you improve resource productivity. More
  • Why should I migrate to Gen3?
    Migrating to Gen3 will provide you with the best that Replicon has to offer. The new enhancements in Gen3 will translate into real, concrete benefits for your organization. Here is just a sample of some of the key benefits you can expect:
    • Increased user adoption and more complete time capture from improved usability
    • Improved business decisions from greater insights through improved project analytics
    • Higher utilization and productivity of employees from new resource management capabilities
    • Increased profitability with improved capabilities to manage projects, clients, and practices
    • Faster payroll processing from streamlined time entry and approvals
  • How do my current Replicon products map to the products in Gen3?
    Replicon Gen3 has improved Replicon’s existing products and also introduced new solutions with more capabilities that you can choose to purchase. The following products remain unchanged and will map directly from your current version to the Gen3 versions for purposes of migration:
    • TimeBill
    • TimeCost
    • TimeAttend
    • TimeOff
    • CloudClock
    • WebExpense
    You can also choose to upgrade your deployment to our Professional Services Management (RepliconPSM) or Project and Program Management (RepliconPPM) solutions if you want to take advantage of the unique capabilities of those solutions (see question 3).
  • Can I upgrade only one of my products to Gen3?
    Gen3 is the latest Replicon platform so all of Replicon’s products benefit from the enhancements introduced. If you upgrade any of your Replicon products to Gen3, your entire deployment will be upgraded to the new Gen3 platform.
  • Can I test drive Gen3 before I make a decision to migrate?
    Absolutely. You can request a free trial of Gen3 directly from our website. Simply go to to get instant access to any of our Gen3 products. Or if you have specific questions you’d like to discuss, just contact your account manager or send an email to
  • Is there a cost to migrate to Gen3?
    For most customers, the costs to migrate to Gen3 are minimal. If you are simply migrating your existing products to the Gen3 versions (i.e. TimeBill Gen2 to TimeBill Gen3), the costs will be minimal and involve a monthly subscription fee adjustment according to the new pricing structure and a nominal one-time service fee might be assessed if you require additional services such as training or migration of custom reports and integrations. For a free quote, contact your account manager or send an email to
  • How do I migrate to Gen3?
    Gen3 was designed specifically with ensuring a smooth transition from previous Replicon product generations. As a result, the upgrade process will be much shorter and easier than you would expect for a major release and you will be able to retain your current configuration and data. However, since Gen3 does introduce significant new enhancements, you will require more planning than our routine SaaS release updates. Also, the Gen3 user interface will be different so you might want to consider doing some user training, although extensive training will probably not be needed because the improved user experience will make it easy for your users to catch on quickly. If you are interested in migrating or want to learn more, contact your account manager or send an email to
  • What will happen to the customizations on my current version?
    If Replicon created custom reports or provided any other customizations, you might need to re-apply those customizations when you upgrade to Gen3. Contact your account manager for a specialized diagnosis.
  • Can I revert back to my current version if I change my mind?
    Once you fully upgrade your current deployment to Gen3 you will not be able to revert back to the previous version. However, you can request a tailored free-trial of Gen3 with your own data and configuration so that you experience Gen3 as if you had performed the upgrade. Contact us if you would like to request a tailored free-trial.
  • Is mobile supported in Gen3?
    Yes, Gen3 will include a native app for both the iPhone and Android phones. Capabilities include support for timesheet, approvals, expenses and time off. The mobile apps are available now in the iTunes store and Google Play. Visit our Replicon Mobile product page for more information.
  • Will Gen3 be available as an on-premise solution?
    Replicon has fully embraced the Cloud as we believe this is the future of software and this delivery model will provide the best product and value to our customers. For this reason, Gen3 will only be available as a Cloud-based product. If you are currently using an older on-premise Replicon solution, we encourage you to consider migrating to the Cloud. Contact your account manager or call us at 1-877-762-2519 and we would be happy to provide you with more details about the benefits of a Cloud solution.
  • Are you planning to sunset the current version of Replicon?
    There are no plans to sunset the current version of Replicon (i.e. Gen2). Gen3 represents the future of Replicon’s products but we are committed to ensuring customers continue to receive adequate support in accordance with our current product support policies. However, we hope that once you try Gen3 you will love it and be enthusiastic about upgrading.
  • Where can I get more information?
    To learn more about Gen3, access Gen3 product information on the Customer Zone or contact your account manager or email