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Using Timesheets to Boost Utilization and Revenues

Using Timesheets to Boost Utilization and Revenues

Uncover how to generate additional revenue while increasing labor productivity.
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Bullet point icon How to calculate utilization rates (the key metric of productivity)
Bullet point icon How to improve employee utilization rates and billable hours
Bullet point icon Benefits of using an online timesheet to track employee utilization rates

Using Timesheets to Boost Utilization and Revenues

In consulting or engineering firms the knowledge, skill, and experience of staff is critical to corporate growth and customer satisfaction. The work these skilled professionals perform is the primary source of revenue. A key strategy to company growth and success, therefore, is to maximize billable projects and hours. And the key to drive revenue growth is Utilization. Making every employee aware of utilization, billable hours, accurate time keeping and key projects, can dramatically improve an organization’s productivity. Timesheets have a unique ability to help improve utilization rates and generate additional revenue.

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