Using dashboards

Replicon’s dashboard feature allows you to share custom graphical representations of your company's data with other decision-makers in your organization. Users can be allowed to create and post charts to shared dashboards accessible to all users with permission to view dashboards.

For example, you can create charts that show which of your projects or clients yield the most profit, so everyone knows what projects and clients to allot more time and resources to. Charts always show real-time data, not data from the point when the chart was saved.

A company can have multiple dashboards, and each dashboard can display multiple charts.

If you'd rather use Tableau or Microsoft Power BI to analyze your data, or if you want to create your own custom data connector or engage in data warehousing with your Replicon data, refer to Gaining business intelligence using your Replicon data.

Assigning dashboard permissions

Users need Dashboard permissions in their User permission set to see dashboards. If a user only has view permission, they can view charts and manipulate charts in edit mode, but they cannot save charts to the dashboard. Only assign edit permission to users you want publishing, editing, or deleting charts on the shared company dashboard.

Accessing dashboards

Click the Dashboard entry in the side menu to access dashboards.

If you don't see a Dashboard item in the menu, or if you can't view or create charts when you click the dashboard entry, then you don't have dashboard permissions assigned. You can request access by contacting your Replicon administrator.

Once you have access, when you select Dashboard, your company's default dashboard displays. On it you'll see all charts that other dashboard users in your company have already saved to that dashboard. 

You may be able to create dashboards that others can view, and create and save charts to all dashboards, depending on the permissions you've been assigned; Some dashboard users may only be able to view charts and play with the edit interface without being able to save to dashboards.

You'll only see data you're allowed to view in the rest of the application, based on your permissions.


When I click the dashboard item in the side menu, I’m taken to a page with no option to add a chart. How do I create charts?

If no option to add charts appears on your dashboard page, you don't have permission to add or edit charts. Talk to your Replicon administrator about gaining access.

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