Setting up project-dependent custom fields

Project managers can include project-dependent custom fields in timesheets.

Each custom field can be associated with a specific project, and will only display in timesheets when that project is selected, making it easier to gather info for that project.

For example, you could create deal number and quantity/units fields and associate them with sales projects only.

Project managers need Timesheet Fields permission enabled in their PM permission set to set up project-dependent fields.

Benefits of using project-dependent custom fields

  • Allows you to target specific projects, unlike traditional custom fields that apply to all projects
  • Highlights specific fields and promotes their completion
  • Makes it easier to gather info related to particular projects
  • Keeps the timesheet UI uncluttered

Example use cases for project-dependent custom fields

You can use these fields to gather all kinds of information, such as:

  • What the resource worked on
  • The number of calls they made, to track productivity or for contests
  • The quantity or number of units the resource sold

Setting up the fields

Administrator setup tasks

Before resources can see project-dependent custom fields in their timesheets, administrators need to first ensure resources have permission to view these types of fields. They also need to create the custom fields.

However, you can assign project managers permission to carry out these tasks by assigning them an Administrator permission set with only the required permissions enabled


A. Ensure resources have permission to view project-dependent custom fields:

  1. Go to Administration > Timesheets > Timesheet Templates.
  2. Open the template assigned to users who will be using this feature.
  3. Find the Project / Task Selection section, which is visible if you’ve enabled the Time Distribution Grid or In/Out + Allocation UI component.
  4. Ensure the Show project based timesheet fields on the timesheet check box is enabled.
  5. Click Save.

B. Create the custom field:

Any type of dynamic custom field can be associated with a project. Below is one example of where to set these fields up; refer to Creating custom fields for more information.

  1. Go to Administration > Timesheets > Timesheet Settings.
  2. Under the Timesheet Level Dynamic Custom Fields heading, create the custom fields you want to associate with projects, or ensure they already exist.

Project-dependent custom fields must be drop-down fields – other types of custom fields won’t be available to associate with a project.


Project manager setup tasks

C. Associate the field with a project:

  1. Go to Projects and open or create a project.
  2. Select the Timesheet Fields tab.
  3. Click the + Field button, and select a custom field.

You can add up to two fields to each project. To delete a field, click the - icon next to it.

Managers with the appropriate Administrator permission can create new custom fields on this tab by clicking Create Field Definition.

D. Choose the drop-down options available for the field for this project:

  1. On the Timesheet Fields tab for the project, in the <Field name>: Settings section, click + Options.

If you’re associating two fields with this project, you’ll need to first select the field you want to define settings for.

  1. Select the check box for each option you want available in timesheets. You can add up to 2000 options.

  1. Under Valid Selection Dates field, select the date range when this option will be available for the project.

For example, if you only need to collect data for part of the project’s duration, you can limit when the field displays.

If you have a lot of options for a field, you can use the Type to filter field to find particular options.


The field or fields you added will now be available when resources select that project in their timesheets.


Why don’t my timesheet template changes appear in the timesheet?

Changes you make to a timesheet template are only reflected in timesheets that are generated after you make the change. If you need a change to apply to an existing timesheet, you’ll need to delete and regenerate it.

Can project managers create custom fields to include on timesheets?

Not typically, though they can be assigned an Administrator permission set with custom fields permission enabled if you need them to create custom fields.

I don’t see the Timesheet Fields tab.

Check with your administrator that you have the correct permissions.

Can you make these fields mandatory?

You can use the Mandatory Custom Fields timesheet validation rule to make these custom fields required.

How can I view the data I collected?

Timesheet-level custom field data is available in several reports, exports, and via the API. These fields are available in the Project Time Actuals, Project Time Allocation, Time Entry Details, Timesheet Day, and Timesheet In/Out report templates.

Can we associate a timesheet custom field with a task?

No, custom fields can only be associated with projects.

How many fields can we add? How many options can we include for each?

You can add up to two fields per project. You can include up to 2000 options per custom field.

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