Setting up crew timesheets

Either supervisors or team managers can be made crew managers in Replicon. Supervisors are assigned directly to workers, and can approve their timesheets; whereas team managers are not the workers’ supervisor, but can manage timesheets for any group of workers they’ve been assigned.

Refer to How crew timesheets work for more information.

Team managers for use with crew timesheets are only available in Workforce Management.

To set up crew managers:

  1. Create a new permission set for crew managers, either based on the Supervisor or Team Manager role. In it, enable:
      • Crew Time permission. This permission gives users access to the Team > Crew Time tab.
      • Any other permissions you want them to have under the Team section.
        These permissions regulate what managers can do when managing their team. For example, if you assign Edit permission for timesheets, they'll be able to edit time entries from individual timesheets or via their crew timesheet.

You can use an existing permission set, if all managers assigned that set should have crew permissions.

  1. If you're using the team manager role, create groups team members will belong to.

You can create broad or narrow groups, depending on your preference. For example, you might create a city-wide group and assign all workers in the city to it, if workers tend to frequently move from one job site to another within that city. Or, a group could represent a single job site.

  1. Ensure the manager and each team member they'll be managing is assigned a product that supports crew timesheets, in their user profile.

Crew timesheet is available in these products: TimeAttend Plus, Workforce Management, Replicon for ADP RUN, Replicon for Workforce Now. If they'll be using projects or tasks, they’ll also need TimeBill or TimeCost. If you're using the team manager role, they'll need to be assigned Workforce Management.

  1. Ensure each team member is using a configurable timesheet format, on the Timesheet tab of their user profile.

The manager will only be able to mass add entries to timesheets if all team members are using the same timesheet format (e.g. all are using In/Out + Allocation).

If team members will be punching in and out, they'll also need to be assigned a punch entry policy.

  1. If you're using the supervisor role, assign the manager to each team member as their supervisor, on the main page of user profiles.
  2. If you're using the team manager role, assign each team member to groups you set up earlier, on the Groups tab in user profiles.
  3. If you're using the team manager role, assign the manager the appropriate group or groups, using the Roles &  Permissions tab in their user profile.


What timesheet format should workers use?

If you'll be allocating hours to projects and tasks, you can use the In/Out + Allocation format. If crew team members will punch in and out themselves, and you need to allocate hours, you can assign them punch timesheets (and punch entry policies), together with the time distribution grid component.

Is there a maximum number of workers that can be included on the crew timesheet?

There is no fixed maximum. However, ease of use and system performance may decrease if you’re working with over 100 users on one timesheet.

Can more than one manager have a single user on their crew timesheet?

Yes. If more than one person will be managing users, you can assign multiple managers the same group or groups, or one can act as manager and one as supervisor.

Do all workers have to use the same timesheet period?

No, they don't.

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