Setting up team managers

Team Manager is a role type in Replicon that you can assign to individuals who manage a team, but don’t act as the team members’ supervisor.

A team manager is an indirect manager who can manage their team’s time, time off, time punches and expenses, but can’t approve any of these items.

Expenses are only available for viewing, not editing.

Since groups functionality is required to use this feature, it is only available in our enterprise products: Professional Services Automation, Project Portfolio Management and Workforce Management.

What is the team manager role used for?

This role is often used if a manager’s relationship with their team members is based purely on location, or what type of work is being performed, or if the manager changes frequently.

For example:

  • In some organizations, an office manager completes timesheets for everyone at a location. However, they don’t supervise any of the employees.
  • In some construction companies, a crew foreman enters time on behalf of the people working on his site each day. In this case, the team manager could be given access to a defined location where all of the workers they manage are located, then manage all timesheets using their crew timesheet view.

The relationship between the manager and their team is defined via groups that your administrator has set up. If your organization uses location and department groups, for example, a team manager could be allowed to access timesheets and other items for all users who belong to the Calgary group and the Electricians group.

Setting up team managers

To set up team managers:

  1. Create a new permission set for the team manager role with whatever permissions the manager requires. You can use an existing set, if all managers assigned that set should have the same permissions.
  2. Create groups team members will belong to.
  3. Ensure the manager and each team member they'll be managing is assigned a product that supports team managers.
  4. Assign each team member to groups you set up earlier, on the Groups tab in user profiles.
  5. Assign the manager the appropriate group or groups, using the Roles &  Permissions tab in their user profile.

Refer to Setting up crew timesheets for more details, if the team manager will be using that feature.


Why can’t we just use the supervisor role?

There are two main differences between the supervisor and team manager roles:

  • The supervisor roles is directly assigned, so it is inflexible. Every time the manager changes, you’d have to change this setting.
  • Team managers manage based on groups. This allows you to define who is managed based on location, etc., while still allowing a supervisory relationship with approval rights.

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