Using the stopwatch to track time as you go

This feature is only available on our legacy timesheets. It is not available in the newer configurable timesheet format.

If you want to keep a precise record of how much time you spent working on a task, you might want to use the stopwatch feature, if it is available in your timesheet. Once you start the stopwatch, it continues recording time until you stop it, even if you leave the timesheet page or log out of Replicon.

To use the stopwatch:

  1. Click a cell for the current day.
  2. In the Comment bubble that displays, select the Start Stopwatch link.

  1. When you want to stop recording time, click the timesheet cell.

  1. If you want to add more time for that task, click the Start Stopwatch link again.

The stopwatch keeps a running total for each cell. For example, if you stop recording time, then later start the stopwatch in that cell again, the stopwatch will add time to the previously recorded amount.


Why is the stopwatch only available in certain cells?

The stopwatch only appears in each cell of the current day.

How can I change stopwatch’s time format?

You can change the time format that the stopwatch uses by updating your settings.

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