Installing and using Replicon Project Time Tracking for Salesforce

Replicon Project Time Tracking for Salesforce is a ready-to-integrate edition of Replicon, available via the Salesforce AppExchange marketplace.

This product is intended primarily for new Replicon customers who find us via the Salesforce marketplace.

What is transferred?

The connector included in this product allows you to automatically transfer the following data from Salesforce to Replicon:

  • Opportunities, transferred as projects in Replicon
  • Accounts, transferred as clients
  • Users, transferred as users

Transfers are triggered automatically, based on sync settings you configure.

Once transferred, users can record time and expenses against projects, and managers can track progress and bill clients for project work.

Trialing Replicon Project Time Tracking for Salesforce

To trial these editions, go to and search for Replicon Project Time Tracking for Salesforce. There are two trial options - Test Drive and Get It Now.

Test drive

  • We’ll enroll you in view-only, preconfigured demo instances of Replicon for Salesforce and Salesforce
  • You’ll need to be logged in to Salesforce; you can log in as a guest, if needed
  • Use this option to get a quick sense of the Replicon interface
  • Includes matching sample opportunities and projects

Get It Now

  • We’ll set you up with a live trial of Replicon Project Time Tracking for Salesforce, connected with your Salesforce production or sandbox instance
  • You’ll need to be logged in to a developer/professional edition of Salesforce (one that allows you to access the API), with administrative access
  • Includes Replicon sample data
  • You can choose your own sync criteria for opportunities, clients, and users when you set up the trial

Product purchase happens offline, not in the Salesforce AppExchange. If you have any questions, please contact Replicon Support.

About the sync criteria

How do I change the transfer criteria after purchasing Replicon Project Time Tracking for Salesforce?

To update settings, go to Administration > Integrations > Salesforce Integration in Replicon.

If we change sync settings, is data that was already transferred impacted?

No. Sync criteria only applies to opportunities, accounts, and users existing in Salesforce, and does not change previously transferred items.

What does Based On Opportunity Sync mean?

This is a sync criterion available for accounts and users. It means accounts and users associated with an opportunity that has synced, will also sync. This is a commonly-used setting for account and user transfers.

When we first connect, will all existing Salesforce accounts, opportunities, and users transfer?

All accounts, opportunities, clients, and users that meet the sync criteria will transfer, yes, usually instantaneously.

When the integration is first enabled, only accounts created in the last day are transferred. Each time a new account is added in Salesforce, it is transferred within minutes.

If I update an opportunity, account, client, or user in Salesforce, will it update automatically in Replicon?

If you change a previously transferred account, the client in Replicon is automatically updated with those same changes.

If an opportunity’s Name or Description is changed, the corresponding project in Replicon is automatically updated with those same changes.

Do not change the account/client name of the account in either system.

Disabling or removing the connector

How do I disable the integration?

You can also disable the integration from the Administration > Integrations > Salesforce Integration page.

When you re-enable it, it will by default resume from the date it was disabled. However, you can override the default date by selecting the link in the re-enable Confirm dialog.

You might, for example, want to skip some dates, if you were reorganizing opportunities in Salesforce, and you only want the resulting configurations to be transferred.

How do I remove the connector from Salesforce?

To remove the connector, go to Installed Packages in Salesforce. The connector app should be listed there, named TimeBill Plus for Salesforce. Click Uninstall to remove it.

About app updates

Will Replicon or the integration connector app ever need updating?

Replicon Project Time Tracking for Salesforce is a cloud-based app that will automatically update over time. We might also update the connector app installed in Salesforce, occasionally. If we do, Salesforce will send you notification that a new version is available, and you’ll be able to upgrade by clicking the Get It Now button for Replicon in the AppExchange.

How can I find out about updates to Replicon Project Time Tracking for Salesforce?

Product changes are described in Replicon’s release notes, which are posted on the Product Updates tab in the Replicon community. To keep up to date on changes, you can subscribe to have product updates emailed directly to your inbox.

How this product compares to Replicon

How is this product different from the standard Replicon?

Replicon Project Time Tracking for Salesforce is identical to Replicon, except:

  • It comes with a pre-installed integration connector app that connects it to Salesforce
  • It is set up with Salesforce SSO (which can be easily configured in the standard product)
  • It’s sync criteria options are slightly different than those offered in our out of the box Salesforce integration, which are available at Administration > Integration > Integration Settings.

How are the sync criteria different in the Salesforce edition?

The options are very similar -- in both integrations:

  • You can sync accounts based on type
  • You can sync opportunities based on type, stage, probability, or some combination of those (custom criteria)

In the Salesforce edition:

  • We can sync custom fields at the opportunity/client/user level
  • We can define sync criteria based on custom fields too
  • You can also choose to sync all or no opportunities or accounts
  • You can transfer items based on dynamic project, client, and user custom field values
  • You can sync users explicitly -- from your user account only, all users, or users with specific user profiles, or
  • You can choose to sync accounts and users based on the opportunity they’re associated with

Unlike the out of the box integration, in the Salesforce edition:

  • You can’t block items from updating when they’re changed in Salesforce, and
  • You can’t choose to sync items that have no type assigned

The field mappings are also a bit different, between the two integrations.

Should I switch from using the out of the box integration to this product?

For most existing customers who integrate with Salesforce, there’s no benefit to switching to the Salesforce edition.

If you’re interested in finding out more, talk to your Customer Success manager, or to Replicon Support.

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