Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) with Replicon Mobile

Looking for help with this feature in Polaris PSA or Polaris PPM? Check out Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) with Replicon Mobile in the Polaris help.

Administrators can manage Replicon Mobile using third-party Enterprise Mobile Management (EMM) applications.

Currently, you can use EMM to:

  • Install the app on employee devices
  • Pre-populate your company name and the employee's user name in the app, to make it easier for employees to log in for the first time

Replicon Mobile is a member of AppConfig, a community of leading Enterprise Mobile Management (EMM) solution providers and app developers. This gives you a broad range of EMM providers to choose from to manage Replicon Mobile.

Managing Replicon Mobile on employee devices

Refer to your chosen EMM provider’s documentation for information on managing apps.

If you’re setting up pre-population of company name and user name for employees, you’ll need the keys referenced in the table below to access that data from Replicon.

Configuration key









Refer to Replicon Mobile AppConfig Technical Capabilities document for more details.

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