About the RIA data entry features

The most time-consuming part of importing data using the Replicon Import Add-in (RIA) is setting up import templates. To help simplify this process, RIA includes several built-in features – outlined in the table below – that can help you populate your import templates. 

Valid value drop-downs

These are available in select columns, and allow you to choose from all values that are valid in Replicon. Simply click a cell, and select the arrow that displays to its right to see the list of valid values.

Links to valid values for hierarchical fields


Certain hierarchical fields, like Departments in the Users - Add template, have a link in each cell.

Click the link to assign field values.

You can also paste or type values into these cells – just ensure you use the correct format: the full department hierarchy must be listed, and the | character must appear between each hierarchical name (e.g. Company | Finance)

Valid value search


If you have many values entered in Replicon for a given field, you can search for the value you want to import by double-clicking on the cell.

Drag down values


This is built-in Excel functionality that allows you to drag a value to populate adjacent cells. Simply select a cell, and click and drag the + symbol in its corner.

Automatic population of login name and email fields

When importing users, if you enter a user’s first and last name in the respective fields, their login name and email will automatically populate based on the formulas for those fields entered in your Replicon instance.

These fields will not auto-populate if you overwrite them. If you overwrite the cell, you’d have to reload the template to regain the auto-population functionality.

Restoration of RIA functionality lost through pasting

If you’re copying and pasting from another spreadsheet, you might overwrite the valid values drop-downs and hyperlinks in the template. To restore this functionality, click Restore Template in the add-in menu.

Other data entry tips

  • The Internal fields located on the right-hand side of the spreadsheet will display feedback after you import data. Leave them blank.
  • Don’t leave blank rows in the spreadsheet. This may cause data rows to become misaligned with the import feedback in the Internal: columns.
  • Only required fields need to be completed – other fields you’ve included in the template can be left blank. Required fields are indicated by the red triangle in the cell’s top, right-hand corner.

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