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To make transferred projects visible in Microsoft Project:

  • You will have to publish any projects that you transferred for the first time. To do this, from within Microsoft Project:
  1. Select Collaborate.
  2. Select Publish.
  3. Select All Information.
  • You may have to update all transferred information. To do so, from within Microsoft Project:
  1. From the Collaborate menu, select Update Project Progress.
  2. Set the Accept status of the transferred task, or select Accept All.
  3. Select Update

If you transfer a task that has a new assignment in Web TimeSheet to Microsoft Project, in order to see all the new information in Microsoft Project, you may need to:

  • Transfer the project to Microsoft Project.
  • Publish the project.
  • Transfer the project to Microsoft Project a second time.
  • Update the information, as above.

(You may have to refer to your Microsoft Project Server documentation for further information about publishing to the server and accepting changes to projects and tasks)