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Using the Replicon Mobile app

Polaris users can use the Replicon Mobile app to view, record, and approve time, expenses, and time off via your Android or iOS device. Data entered syncs seamlessly with the full cloud-based version of Polaris.

The app is available in the App Store and at Google Play.

To carry out other tasks, such as setting up projects, and submitting and accepting SmartBeats, use our Polaris app

Why use Replicon Mobile?

Replicon Mobile:

  • Allows employees to record details of time they worked from anywhere, while details are still fresh in their minds, thus improving accuracy
  • Improves time entry compliance, because it’s more convenient to complete timesheets or punch in and out
  • Lets users easily photograph and submit expense receipts, decreasing the chance of losing them

Features of Replicon Mobile

You can use the app to carry out the following actions.
Complete timesheets
  • Use a Standard or In/Out timesheet to enter time against projects, tasks or activities (or against nothing)
  • Include comments and custom field data
  • Submit your timesheet
Complete and submit expense sheets
  • Include all expense details available in the web version of Polaris, including currency and billable status
  • Take pictures of receipts and upload them to Polaris
Book time off
  • Create a booking or add time off to a timesheet
  • View your available time off and holidays
View, approve, complete, and correct items
  • View all items requiring your attention
  • Approve timesheets, expense sheets, and time off submitted by your team members

Requirements for using Replicon Mobile

To use Replicon Mobile, you must have:

A Replicon or Polaris account You will need either Google SSO, SAML, or Polaris authentication information (company name, user name, password) to log in to the app.
An Android or iOS device, with a data connection We support the following:
  • An Android device that uses Android Marshmallow (Android OS 6 or higher), or
  • An iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad that uses iOS 12 or higher

To use fingerprint ID, you need:

  • Any Android phone with a fingerprint sensor
  • An iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad device with a fingerprint sensor (home button)

To use facial recognition, you need:

  • An iPhone X


Getting the app

Why can't I find the iOS app when I search the App Store? Check that the iPhone Only option is selected in the App Store before you search Replicon. The app will only be returned if this setting is selected.

How often is the app updated? Where can I find information on what has changed? Updates to the app are published on a regular basis. We recommend you enable auto-update for the Replicon app so you’re always using the latest version. Noteworthy changes to the app are listed in the release notes published on our community.
Is there a Replicon Mobile app for Windows phones? No. We do not currently have plans to create a Windows phone app.

Logging in

What credentials do I use to log in to the app? Do I need any special permissions? Use your Polaris web app credentials to log in. Refer to Logging in and out of Replicon Mobile for more information. You don't need any special permission assigned to use the app.
What authentication methods does the app support? You can log in to the app by entering your credentials, by SSO or using face or fingerprint authentication. Refer to Logging in and out of Replicon Mobile for more information.

Using the app

How often does data sync between a mobile app and the web version of Polaris? Syncing between versions should happen immediately. In the app, you may need to pull-to-refresh pages before you’ll be able to see new data entered in the web version.
How do I refresh data that displays in the app? You can pull-to-refresh (pull downwards on any screen) to refresh what data you're viewing.
How can I change the order the icons appear on the iOS app? If you have more than 5 icons across the bottom of your app, you can change the order in which they appear. Tap the More button, then tap Edit to access the setting.
Does the app record my location when I punch in or out? The app may record your location depending on your company's punch entry policy. It may be set to require the location, or to capture it if it is available.
What does this message mean: There are data conflicts between server and device. Which data would you like to keep? If you use the Android Mobile app in offline mode, you may occasionally see the message above. It means that data on your mobile app differs from the data that Polaris has stored for you. If you have changed your Replicon data on the mobile device (for example, entered time in a timesheet) while you were offline, select Client to keep the data and upload it to Polaris.
Can I use the app when I don't have an internet connection? The app has an offline mode that supports clocking in and clocking out. You'll need an internet connection to carry out any other tasks using the app.
Where can I send feedback regarding the apps? Please send your comments or suggestions to [email protected]. We welcome feedback.

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