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Allowing users to enter time against a project

If you need a user to record time against a project, but you don’t need to define the amount of time they spend working on it, you can allow them access without submitting a resource request. Users allowed access in this way cannot be assigned as task owners.

When you create a new project, All Users may be assigned to it by default, meaning all users in your system will be able to enter time against the project.

You can click the icon next to the All Users entry to disallow access.

If you'd rather have no resources assigned to new projects by default, your Polaris administrator can change the default.

To allow one or more users access:

  1. Select Projects > Timeline > choose the project > click the Resourcing > Timesheet Access tab.

Then, click Edit in the top, right-hand corner of the page.

  1. Click the icon located at the bottom, right-hand corner of the page.
  2. In the Add Timesheet Access dialog that displays, choose Resources to add individuals, or choose a user group type, if available.

  1. Select one or more users or groups, and click Add Access.


Do I need to add access for users I've allocated to the project via the Resource Plan?

No, these users are given the ability to enter SmartBeats and record time in timesheets against the project when you allocate them; they can do these things even if they don’t appear on the Timesheet Access page.

How do I set a resource's allocation dates or allow them to record SmartBeats?

Use the Resourcing > Resource Plan tab to add resources whose allocation dates you can define, and who can record time using SmartBeats.

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