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All about billing

You can use the billing feature of Polaris to:

Who can carry out billing?

Users with billing manager or project manager permission can carry out billing.

Project managers can create bills and credit memos for their projects from the Billing & Invoicing tab within each project.

While, billing managers work from the Financials > Billing & Invoicing section of Polaris PSA.

Keeping tabs on billing

The Financials > Billing & Invoicing > Overview page gives a summary of your estimated, available to bill, and actual billing amounts – including unbilled amounts and adjustments.

You can view amounts by week or by month, using the drop-down located in the top, right-hand corner of the page.

The Financials > Billing & Invoicing > Available to Bill tab shows amounts that are available to bill, organized by client and the date range when the billable amount was recorded. You can create a bill from this page, or from the Transactions page.

Click the icon in the Search bar at the top of the Financials > Billing & Invoicing > Transactions page to filter the list of bills, credit memos, and payments by client, status (Draft, Issued: Unpaid, Issued: Partially Paid, or Issued: Paid), sync status, dates, or type (bill, credit memo, or payment).

On the Transactions page, you can also filter bills by Draft, Issued, Outstanding (issued but not paid), and Overdue status using the click filter bar.

The Unallocated filter shows any payments or credit memos that have not yet been fully applied to one or more bills.


Why isn't the bill I'm looking for showing up?

If you can't find a bill, it's most likely due to filtering. Check which click filter is in use, and whether any filters are enabled in the Search bar.

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