Viewing normalized hours and costs in reports

Cost normalization is the conversion of actual hours worked to reflect actual cost amounts. Once you’ve set up cost normalization, you can view normalized hours and costs calculated using those normalized hours in reports.

In reports based on the following templates:

  • Timesheet Day
  • Project Team Time, Expense, Cost, & Billing
  • Task Time, Expense, Cost & Billing
  • Project
  • Resource

You can view the following normalization data:

  • Actual CapEx Normalized Cost and Hours
  • Actual Normalized Cost and Hours
  • Actual OpEx Normalized Cost and Hours1
  • Normalization Factor1
  • CapEx Normalization Factor1

CapEx Normalization Factor is typically equal to the Normalization Factor, unless CapEx hours are included first in calculations of normalized costs (selecting CapEx first is an option that can be selected in the normalization rule that the user is assigned).

1 Available in reports based on the Timesheet Day template only.

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