Understanding error responses

Our errors have a “400” HTTP status code.

The body of each error response on the reference pages will look something like this:

{"error":{"correlationId":"6bbee236b2e94332ac07e2bee9fd177c","details":{"displayText":"Unit Of Work Id must be a non-empty string value"},"type":"MissingRequiredParameterError1"}}


  • correlationId identifies the request the error relates to. We recommend including this value If you need to submit a ticket to Replicon Support about the error; it will help us identify which request was yours.
  • details.displayText is a human-readable description of the error, included if available
  •  type is a programmatic error type

If you receive a “500” error with no description of the error, you can contact Replicon Support for help, or to report the omission.

Information about errors returned for the ImportService1.svc/ApplyUserModifications2 service are available at ImportService1.svc/ApplyUserModifications2 error responses.

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